5 Quick Steps to Integrate MailChimp With Engageform and Gain Leads

June 27, 2016 // Tutorials


Great news for every Engageform and MailChimp enthusiast. Now you are able to export leads and data from quizzes, polls, surveys and customer assessments – created in your Engageform account – automatically to your email marketing platform. Follow the steps bellow! 

Let’s acknowledge that your quiz or survey is already created and designed. Remember to ask your audience about their email addresses during filling out –it’s necessary to match the data. All next moves are described and highlighted.


  1. Choose a tab Configure in the main panel, go to the Integrations in a bar on the left side and pick the right one.
    Gain leads

    Step 1. Set up integrations and gain leads


  2. Now you need your MailChimp API key – log in your MailChimp account and go to your account preferences – located in the top right of your window (as usual). Next, choose Extras∨ from the second bar and pick API keys. Scroll down a little and copy your API key (yes, it’s a lot of characters). If you don’t have one, choose Create a Key button and generate required numbers.
    Boost email list

    Step 2. Go to your MailChimp account


  3. Paste your API key in the right window on your Engageform, click on Fetch contact lists from your Mailchimp account and choose a fitting contact list. Move forward by using the Next Step button.
    grow email list

    Step 3. Fetch contact lists from your Mailchimp account


  4. Now let’s match data from interactive content with MailChimp categories. Fields from your Engageform are on the left side, and subjects from MailChimp are on the right. +Add button allows you to go deeper and make your segmentation more specific. When your mapping is ready, press Next Step. 
    how to gain leads

    step 4. Match data with MailChimp categories


  5. The final step – choose Integration enabled. Now your Engagement data are automatically transferred to your MailChimp platform. You are ready to gain leads in a new way.
    more leads acuisition through platforms integration

    Step 5. Choose Integration enabled


Wish you luck with using these self-declared data, matched with you MailChimp account. Make your lead nurturing process effortless and effective.

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