How to Add Instagram Widget to Your Website – Case Studies

September 27, 2016 // Content Marketing / Tutorials


how to create Instagram widget to your website

Learn how to create an Instagram widget from the best case studies. Add Instagram Feed to your website. Take advantage of your audience creativity and passion. Turn users and customers into delighted advocates.  

Instagram is a powerful communication channel. A huge community with a strong willingness to share their stories, daily routines, or shopping experiences generates a lot of visual content.

This kind of user-generated content has many strengths and purposes. Just to point out a few:

  • driving sales,
  • being the social proof,
  • building engagement,
  • showing products and services in use,
  • bringing a new quality to passive content,
  • being a free promotion channel,
  • delivering new ideas.

All that advantages of your audience Instagram activities can be used more efficient. A simple way to do that is to create an Instagram widget for your website. Follow these case studies below to see different practices when it comes to adding Instagram widget to the blog/webpage.

#TakeMeImYoursNYC – The Jewish Museum Use Instagram Widget to Gather Visitors Posts

According to The Jewish Museum, Take Me (I’m Yours) is a unique project:

In this highly unconventional exhibition, visitors are encouraged to participate, touch, and even take home works of art by 42 international and intergenerational artists, many of whom are creating new and site-specific works for the exhibition.

add Instagram widget to your website

The extraordinary idea needs the best communications. Building an Instagram widget for posts with exhibition hashtag increases the whole experience. Authors wanted to make people interact with art works. Instagram allows documenting and sharing audience feels, actions, and playing with pieces of art. It gives exhibition an extra life on the web. Entertained visitors are the best advocates. The Jewish Museum teach us how to make modern art a multi-level experience with the active role of social media channels.

Make Instagram Shoppable – Missisboss Shows How to Drive Sales Through Instagram Widget

Missisboss take advantage of Instagram traffic and turn followers into customers (In this post you will find the full case study). The way from finding something interesting on the Instagram and buying it becomes snappy.

drive sales through Instagram widget

So, in a nutshell, when someone decides to buy item seen on the Instagram feed has to go to the profile (links can be added only in account bio). By clicking the link will proceed to a widget on the website. Instagram posts there can be linked to product pages, eCommerce, or chosen parts of your site. Without additional searching, just 3-4 clicks.

Create Your Own Instagram Widget In 6 Steps

1. Create your Engagehub account – its panel is simple and doesn’t require any coding or design skills.

publish Twitter widget

2. Select +Add new Engagehub, enter the suitable name and go forward through Proceed button.

3. Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter available). Select Instagram and link your account.

how to connect Instagram widget

4. In the next window select hashtags and users important to your website. After adding them as connections their posts will appear in your widget.

Here are posts for #TakeMeImYoursNYC:

adding hashtag to Instagram widget

@Missisbossfashion widget before being published:

how to make Instagram widget shoppable

5. When connecting is ready go to the Design section. Decide if authors, descriptions, or source icons should be shown. Missisboss use commerce URL to link posts with product pages, eCommerce, or preferred items on the website. Here is how it becomes shoppable.

linking Instagram widget with products

6. Publish your Instagram widget on your website. Copy embed code from your Engagehub and implement it into your page code.

Instagram widget can make your website look great. Moderate content by declining low-quality, inappropriate, or unnecessary posts. Depending on chosen plan Engagehub allows adding from 1 to 12 connections from different channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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