How to Create a Facebook Widget And Improve Your Website

September 27, 2016 // Content Marketing / Tutorials

how to create Facebook widget

Learn how to create a Facebook widget. Collect your social media activities and add user-generated content. Add Facebook posts to your website. Make your entire communications more cohesive.

Facebook is a key online community. It’s essential for information exchange – both personal and business. Many people start the day by logging in and scrolling their feed. Actually, well-maintained following list allows checking all preferred media on Facebook. It shows the Facebook evolution. From social connecting channel to the multi-level platform. Numbers below illustrate its value.

what you gain when adding Facebook widget

Data source: Facebook Company Info

Communications with brands, solving problems, and feedback exchange are also important for the Facebook community. Gathering posts on website gives owners a chance to gain a few extra advantages:

  • user’s post is a strong social proof;
  • photos and videos of products and services in use are efficient when making buying decisions;
  • examples of brand dialogue with the audience show that company cares;
  • customers engagement result in bigger web traffic;
  • your posts gathered on the website may look like a newsroom.

Follow this guide below to create your own Facebook widget. Make sure that your website visitors will see your social media activities.

How to Create a Facebook Widget in 6 Steps

1. Start with Engagehub account – is easy to create and doesn’t require any coding or design skills to make interactive content.

publish Twitter widget

2. Press +Add new Engagehub and enter the name.

3. Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter available). Select Facebook and link your account.

add connections to create Facebook Widget

4. In the next step enter your Facebook page name. After that posts will appear in your widget.

Here are posts from NBA Facebook page

how to add Facebook widget to your website

5. When connections are added and posts to be published are selected move to Design section. Decide if authors, descriptions, or source icons should be shown. Make a use of commerce URL to link posts with product pages, eCommerce, or preferred items on the website.

add url code to Facebook widget

6. Publish your Facebook widget. Copy embed code from created Engagehub and implement it into your page code.

Facebook widget is easy to manage. You can moderate content and choose suitable ones. Depending on selected plan Engagehub allows adding from 1 to 12 connections from different channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Check out how Nick Bollettieri use a Facebook widget below.

Facebook widget best practices

Nick gathers his post and shows his activities on his website. It looks like a newsroom, makes entire communications more completed and bring some fun. Facebook widgets are made for publishers and brands with great social media content.

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