How to Create a Twitter Widget For Your Website

September 20, 2016 // Content Marketing / Tutorials

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Create your own Twitter widget in a few steps. Add the social thread to your website and gather user-generated content. Make your page more interactive and engaging.

Twitter mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Numbers below show how a great and important source of information this platform is. 313 M monthly active users and 1B unique visits monthly to sites with embedded Tweets are the key here. If you are not decided yet take into account how your website can grow with the support of the Twitter community.

How to create a Twitter widget

Source: Twitter/company

The value of enriching your website with user-generated content comes down not only to its quantitative advantages. Here are just a few of Twitter widget strengths:

  • extra crowdsourcing place,
  • gathering up-to-date information related to chosen products and services,
  • bringing an interactive effect to passive sites,
  • giving access to top trends, thoughts and ideas exchanging,
  • driving additional traffic,
  • being the social proof,
  • letting the audience speak.

Building the social hub for Twitter usually takes a few minutes. It is easy and intuitive.

Create Twitter Widget In 6 Steps

1. Create your Engagehub account – its panel is simple and doesn’t require any coding or design skills.

publish Twitter widget

2. Choose +Add new Engagehub, enter the adequate name and go forward through Proceed button.

add Twitter widget

3. Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter available). Select Twitter and link your account.

4. In the next window select hashtags and users important to your website. After adding them as connections their Tweets will appear in your widget.

Here is a collection of Tweets for #contentmarketing:

connect Twitter widget

And this one is for a random user @BarackObama:

how to add Twitter widget for a user

5. When connecting is ready go to the Design section. Choose colors and fonts. Decide if you want to show author, description, or source icon. By adding commerce URL you can link Tweets with product pages, eCommerce, or preferred items on your website. It’s the easiest way to make your user-generated content shoppable.

6. Publish your Twitter widget on your website. Copy embed code from your Engagehub and implement it into your page code.

how to publish Twitter widget

Your Twitter widget is ready. You can easily moderate content by declining low-quality, inappropriate, or unnecessary Tweets. Do not forget to stay up-to-date with hashtags trends, influencers, and main topics. Depending on chosen plan Engagehub allows adding from 1 to 12 connections to one social hub.

A great part of using Engagehub is the possibility to collect content from different social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram in one place. Your widget may become extremely helpful when you will be busy. Content creation is a time-absorbing process and audience contribution is priceless. Make sure you will not let valuable user-generated content stay unnoticed.

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