How to Make Your Instagram Shoppable – Missisboss Case Study

August 19, 2016 // Case Studies / Content Marketing / Trends

make your instagram shoppable

Check out this Missisboss case study to learn how to make your Instagram shoppable. Buyer’s journey can be easy and intuitive. Turn your social media into sales channels. 

Instagram is a great feature to build a community around the brand. It’s also a useful way to transfer followers into customers. The combination of high-quality photos and well-communicated hashtags allows igers to promote their stuff. Simultaneously, user-generated content is a valuable asset. Thanks to social hubs brands are able to gather customers posts, tweets, videos, and pics on their website. A happy client is a great advocate and the best marketer. He/she is an efficient seller either. Make it easier for her/him.


from Instagram to Shopify

How to Create a Social Hub

Missisboss shows how to use social hubs not only to aggregate UGC. Instagram is a great way to drive sales. Many customers are tired of searching for items which they found interesting previously. Online shopping could be easier thanks to the possibility of click-through links. Follow the guide below to build your own social hub and make your Instagram shoppable.

1. Create your Engagehub account – it’s easy and intuitive

2. Choose +Add new Engagehub and Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Select preferred one and link your account.

make your instagram shoppable

3. Add commerce URL to chosen posts.

instagram shoppable drives sales

4. Go to the Design section. Choose colours and fonts. Decide if you want to show author, description, source icon, or commerce button.

5. Publish your social hub on your website. Missisboss is powered by Shopify. It takes seconds to add a new page and put HTML code of Engagehub. Other platforms also allow you to add a new page in a few steps. Copy embed code from your Engagehub and implement it into your page code.

Instagram can be shoppable

How to Make Instagram Shoppable

When your social hub is ready you can focus on planning further sales. Let’s visualize how it works. For a better understanding of buying behavior and sales journey, we use Missisboss case study once again.

Let’s acknowledge that during scrolling the Instagram feed you have found this shirt pretty. You want to buy it now.

from instagram to ecommerce

You have to go to the user profile. Exit links can be added only in profile bio. Click this highlighted link.

sales from Instagram

You will be redirected to the insta-shop where Instagram photos are linked to product pages. Then click on your favorite one.

instagram linked with product pages

Now you are in the last stage of the buyer’s journey. Select your size and go to the payment through the trolley button.

drive sales from Instagram

Engagehub allows you to shorten the sales cycle. Customers don’t have to search for liked items. They need just 3-4 clicks between seeing something and buying it. The whole process is quick and easy. Makes a use of the first impression and cuts back distractions. By adding hashtag campaigns to your social hub, you can gather customers photos and enrich your gallery. Link them with products in your e-commerce, simplify navigation and drive more sales from Instagram activities.

This solution is an efficient answer to customer needs. For many people, online shopping is often too complicated. Users like easy ways and are tired of looking for the same items in many places. Engagehub is a strong sales factor and great connector between Instagram promotion and product pages.

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