Social Media Trends: When Art Meets Technology – The Jewish Museum Case Study

November 10, 2016 // Case Studies / Content Marketing / Trends

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Social media are often used in promotion and communications. Look what happens when a social channel becomes a part of the art exhibition. Not only a piece of the marketing strategy. Get to know #TakeMeImYours(NYC) by The Jewish Museum.

The Jewish Museum knows how to build a new kind o interactions. Social media are too often described as a time-consuming attention grabber. Maybe sometimes it looks like that modern society spends too much time on scrolling Facebook Feed, adding photos on Instagram, or retweeting unimportant stuff. If you want to take over targeting community interest you have two ways to do that.

First one – fighting. You can try to compete with social media. Tell the world – here is what I have for you, so leave your phones and check it out. Take into account that reaching out to your potential audience through social channels would look odd in that situation.

Second – recommended one – making a use of social media to interact with art lovers. It’s time to admit that social media are an important part of our communications and culture. Instead of complaining how disruptive it can be we need to take advantage of it when thinking of art prehension.

#TakeMeImYours(NYC) – Social Media And Modern Art

Modern artists look for ideas to meet their audience. Many of them treat technology and newest communications channels as a way of reaching out to viewers. Some of them want to go further. Taking part in creation process builds a new kind of cultural experience. Sharing it through social media gives art another life.

Take Me (I’m Yours) Exhibition is special:

In a conventional museum experience, you, the visitor, may consume art only by looking at the paintings, sculptures, or photographs on view. You are not allowed to touch the works, and certainly not able to take them home. In defiance of this well-established standard, Take Me (I’m Yours) extends an invitation. Featuring works by more than forty artists from different generations and from all over the world, the exhibition asks you not only to get into close contact with the artworks, but to take them away and keep them for good.

The Jewish Museum promotes official exhibition hashtag and encourages participants to share their thoughts and experiences on Instagram. Posts are gathered on the museum website through social media widget.

social media for cultural experience

When exhibition creators want viewers to interact with art or even take some of the artworks home, a channel which allows sharing their experience with the rest of the audience is a valuable asset. It also gives authors a direct feedback. The Jewish Museum teach others how to turn potential threats into friends. We, 4screens – as a tech and art lovers – look forward to similar collaboration effects.

If you want to create something as awesome as #TakeMeImYours(NYC) campaign follow this short guideline.

Create Your Social Media Widget In 5 Steps

1. Create your Engagehub account – select +Add new Engagehub

2. Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter available)

3. In the next window select hashtags and users important to your campaign. After adding them as connections their posts will appear in your widget.

4. Move forward to the Design section. Decide if authors, descriptions, commerce, or source icons should be shown.

5. Publish your social media widget on your website. Copy embed code from your Engagehub and implement it into your page code.

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