User-Generated Content: How to Make a Corporate Page More Engaging

November 28, 2016 // Content Marketing

make a use of user-generated content

User-Generated content may be the unexpected savior when working on the corporate page. Make a use of your team creativity and engagement. Show the human face of your organization. Pull the plug on boring About pages.

A mix of buzzwords and biographies of boarding directors too often waste gained attention. Your audience interest is too valuable to let it be distracted by unneeded content. It only encourages them to go away. It’s known fact that on one is checking every page on your website. Interaction span is short (typically last a few seconds). Catching attention and sustaining it becomes an extremely difficult job.

When your viewers start on your About page you should seize the opportunity. Waiting on their move to product pages may be naive. This is why every interaction with your website should be treated as unique chance to build something lasting. When you choose to add all that information (in your c-level stuff opinion – necessary), take into account that you probably loosing the opportunity to urge the audience to stay or move forward.

Take Advantage of User-Generated Content When Need To Build Audience Engagement

According to Simon Sinek, people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. What’s more, Sinek and Richard Branson are both agree that making customers interested and happy starts with making your employees engaged and happy. If you are lucky enough, you are in one of these the best teams that everyone dream to be a part of. It’s worth to use it and show to the audience.

Here is a great example how to gather employees activities on your website and promote the brand.

user-generated content for brand promoting

Brainly is a game changer. The way millions of students learn, do homework, and develop their skills is related to this young company job. They built a great community. They encourage many people around the world to cooperate, share knowledge and grow together.

Their company page shows their values and work culture. Social hub on their website is the best advocate. Happy colleagues doing cool stuff. Everyone wants to be a part of it. Both as an employee and user.

User-Generated Content Possibilities Are Limitless

UGC gathered in this social hub can be linked with chosen pages. You may encourage people to apply to your team. All you need to do is just simple adding career URL to the preferred post. The sam way you may redirect visitors to your eCommerce or product pages. One-click-path from user-generated content to decision stage.

Companies too often focus on how they see themselves and how they want to be seen by the audience and customers. User-generated content allows them to show their human face and their clients using their products or services. A dynamic feature, instead of passive, sometimes even mock content is a nice turnaround.

Social media widgets may change the way audience interact with your brand. It’s the most authentic solution to introduce your firm and your products. Used on pages associated with boring notes will surprise many visitors. Remember about inbound methodology – from being a stranger to become a visitor, from being visitor through the lead to become a customer. With social hub on your page, you will make it more effective.

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