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Interactive Content Creation Platform

Using 4screens platform and its suite of products, modern marketers create engaging interactive content and real-time social experiences without coding skills.

Every type of interactive experience — quizzes, assessments, polls, surveys, live Q&A, marketing contests  — can be launched in minutes instead of weeks or months.


Create interactive content in a snap!

Generate and profile higher quality leads. Boost your content with interactive tools and engage users. Drive traffic to your website. Use customer feedback and unique insight.

Create smart quizzes, polls and surveys in a minute – intuitive and effortless panel with unbelievable possibilities

Easily embed and share your interactive content with any network – no coding skills and additional features required

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Use a real-time engagement

Interact with your audience during live events. Allow them to be participants and future leads. Build the crowdsourcing platform.

Enrich your events with live Q&A, quizzes and polls – quick to create, share and engage audience during conferences, meetups and panel discussions

Support main medium with second screen activities – simple way to boost audience experience in a real-time with additional content and new possibilities of engagement

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Accelerate your marketing engine

Transfer leads and data from interactive content automatically to your marketing platforms. Use insights to profile leads. Make the buyer’s journey cohesive.

Redefine lead nurturing process - great to use self-declared data from quizzes and customer assessments for deeper segmentation when building email lists, unprecedented to give the context behind the content

Take advantage of marketing automation – best solution to maintain entire communication in an accurate, personalized way

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