6 Inspiring Examples of Gamification to Use in Business

September 10, 2018 // Content Marketing

interactive content in gamification for better engagement

Gamification is an effective solution when you have to overcome the lack of engagement. External and internal. Learn from the best players how to use it in your business.

The audience engagement allows building valuable interactions. Marketers have to make viewers interested and involved in making lasting relationships. Overwhelming amounts of content and decreasing attention span impose uncommon actions.

Gamification is known as the process of enriching marketing, social initiatives, project management, etc. with elements well-working in games. People are more likely to take action when they are well-motivated, getting the competitive spirit, and feel strongly about the main purpose. This purpose may be entertainment, collaboration, or making the world a better place. It all depends on business or social objectives. Check out a few examples of the most efficient ones.

How to Use Gamification to Make People Engaged

1. Free Rice – non-profit website, owned and supported by the UN World Food Programme. It’s built on a simple and effective mechanism. Users answer questions about English vocabulary (multiple choice for the meaning of chosen words). Every correct example donates 10 grains of rice to the program.

This simple game is so addictive and delivers two-way profits. Players learn new words and getting smarter – providing free education is the first goal. Gained amounts of rice help to end hunger – the second purpose.

#Lesson learned: Make a use of win-win strategy. Allow people to help others through investing in their development

Related: Google Certifications – free access to certifications and knowledge helps people grow as professionals and, simultaneously, boosting numbers of Google tools users.

2. LinkedIn – well-known social media network for professionals make a use of competitive attitude and need of being appreciated.

gamification in content marketing

Users are encouraged to take actions through getting info how many viewers they got, how do they rank among their connections and what they can gain thanks to account popularity.

#Lesson learned: Let people generate additional traffic and develop your business by paying back for their input.

Related: Karma on Inbound.org and Reddit – the more valuable content you share the more are your next activities promoted.

3. CoffeeDesk  – coffee eStore generates extra traffic and increase sales thanks to one, smart quiz. 15 questions to answer, fashionable topic, score in % to demonstrate knowledge and extra discounts.

drive traffic through interactive content and gamification

Interactive content (quizzes, polls, surveys) is made for gamified campaigns. It not only allows to create competitive actions but also helps with making it shareable. Engagement can be easily turned into web traffic or even boost sales.

#Lesson learned: Make the audience willing to promote your content, business or activities. Allow them feel proud and cool. Turn it into something more lasting

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4. Premier League – one of the best professional football leagues build engaging platform – Fantasy Premier League. With 100m £ on your account, you can buy 15 best players in the league (players value in this game is in the range from 4m£ to 14m£) and compete with your friends and over 4m other users.

gamification in loyalty programs
It’s a classic way of making customers loyal. With extra awards and possibility to show others how much they know about football, it’s natural that they will be spending more time on watching matches. And of course, promoting the game among friends.

#Lesson learned: Encourage people to be more interested in your products and services. Return a favor for their engagement.

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5. Cisco – one of the finest tech companies understands that employees are the best ambassadors. To make sure that their social media presence will be a company asset, Cisco created a gamified training program.

Getting specialist, strategist, and master certifications require increasing knowledge and experience. Team challenges enrich internal competition.

#Lesson learned: Develop your teams by challenging them. Turn training courses into interesting and competitive entertainment.

6. Quora – this team knows how to not allow rookie users to stay passive. Before you get access to your stats you need to generate 1k views to your answers. To get more upvoters  your answers have to be interesting and valuable. Upvotes give you more views and more followers. In the end, you becoming the Most Viewed Writer in the topic. Your popularity is on the rise.

gamification on Quora

Simple but efficient way to generate more traffic and make users be active.   

#Lesson learned: Build an internal system of awards for users engagement. Boost the audience input through promoting it quality.

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Companies make a use of gamification in many areas. More or less related to game specifics, but still very effective. Powerful feature to build engagement and turn into a benefit for both: users/customers and company.

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