How to create leads with engaging quizzes apps

May 7, 2015 // Content Marketing

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Companies, especially small businesses, have difficulties with engaging their customers online. Most of them focus on e-mail and their website, while missing opportunity of using the most natural channel of communication for their clients: social media and mobile apps.

The apps have to make perfect first impression. According to the newest Forrester analysis Top Ways To Improve Digital Customer Experience, the development of communication technology in recent years has led to a steep rise in customers’ expectations. The digital experience has to be Easy, Useful and Enjoyable.

These apply to marketing actions. When you promote your products and services you should no longer think about branding, but a useful experience with your brand, that will be meaningful for the customer and positively remembered.

These are the basic requirements, but it’s not enough to generate leads. In order to do it you need to boost the engagement of your potential clients, so leaving contact information or visiting your product page won’t be an issue. The thing you need to give you audience is unique value. It may be a promotion code for winners of the quiz, it may be a piece of useful information or it may be quality entertainment.

Well known brand are using quizzes

Quiz apps can be used by big corporations as well as small businesses. It is good if you concentrate on the area of expertise of your business. ExxonMobil, one of the biggest companies in the world, offer an engaging Energy Quiz. It provides the user with interesting information, and the company is able to generate leads with social and email shares.

Quizzes can be fun. The proven “Which are you?” format can be used in many ways. Often easy solutions are the best.  Dorkly, a website about movies, TV, videogames and comics launched a Which Nintendo Character Are You? quiz, which have been taken by more then 230k people, and has given the brand nationwide publicity.

Personality Quizzes

“Which… are you?” format is very popular. It is a great way to start interactions with your audience, and collect the leads via share options. These because it is fun and it is easy to come up with a question related to your brand. Quizzes are on the roll. Even Google has launched its Earth Day 2015 doodle in a quiz form asking “Which animal are you?”.

Have a look at the quizzes list on Buzzfeed.com if you need any inspiration. You can make one yourself using 4screens.

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