6 tips to Engage Listeners in Real-Time

February 1, 2016 // Second Screen / Trends

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We have seen the success of web radio, internet radio; now it’s time for social radio. Radio will become an interactive and more social medium than ever before due to technology. This article will present you a list of opportunities with engaging listeners in real time.

Although consumers are still listening to their “traditional” radio or TV platforms, they’re doing so with new digital platforms at hand. They expect full interaction with these platforms and want socialization with other connected consumers and the ability to obtain additional information. Customers want to “be heard.” Likewise, advertisers are demanding a better ROI spent on ads and more detailed analytics from broadcasters.

Engage listeners

Engagenow gives you an opportunity to interact with listeners in real-time. Use polls and quizzes to ask what the next song should be and create the best playlist to boost the engagement rates. Ask for the comment on the newest events or the sentiment toward stars.

Start a conversation

Crowdsourced content is a biting heart of every social network. With Engagenow, you can open the chat about songs and artists to connect listeners and their opinion (you can moderate the chat). That’s the best way to get valuable feedback.

engage listeners

Capture the conversation in one place

One of the biggest problems of interaction with your listeners in social media is that you’re sending them in different directions constantly. “Look at this photo on our website, here watch this video on YouTube, turn on our internet radio at this time”.

By doing so, you give up control of the listener experience and your conversation is fragment between many places. With Engagenow, you can capture all the conversation about radio programmes in one place on the dedicated chat.

Activity Stream and Live Polling

Use the Question Tab as an Activity Stream, where you can put information about the music now playing, artists, important events and ad content. The only limit is your creativity. For eg. you can start polling what the next song should be or start a contest. It will revolutionize the way how you engage with your listeners.


Real-Time Customization

Maybe you have a special occasion (as a concert or other event), to make it exceptional, you can completely change the design of your Engagenow.

Additional sponsorship opportunities

Unlike traditional web form of advertising where banners are placed on the borders of the website using Engagenow you can take advantage of putting ads exactly where the eyeballs are. It creates great value for the sponsors. Moreover, the ad can’t be blocked by any of mobile adblockers which are on the rise because it’s native.

Detailed analytics are available as well – Users are logged into the Engagenow using their Facebook accounts so it’s possible to get information about the users.

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