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February 3, 2016 // Content Marketing / Second Screen

Engagenow-interactive-event- Real-Time Engagement

Entertain your audience with interesting polls and quizzes. Create the unique experience of the interactive event. Ask for the preferences about the best sports players.

In the past event managers were reluctant to bringing technology to their “heads up” events”. This attitude changed as they saw more and more people instagramming or snapchatting live from the stadiums or concert halls. This time, with Engagenow I’m presenting you the future of connected events, where you can engage your audience and start a discussion to bring your experience to the digital level.

Reasons why you should engage your audience at the event with technology:

  • Changing demographics
  • Luring fans away from their big-screen TV at home
  • Boosting revenues

Changing demographics

Do you know that all new stadiums that are being built have the Wi-Fi infrastructure? Connectivity is one of the most important decision factors for the youngest generation. A Cisco report revealed that the internet is as important as air, water, food and shelter to one in three college students and young professionals.
A couple of years ago if there was no internet at the stadium the attitude was like: “this would be nice to have”, now it’s more: “what, you don’t have it”. In the future, the story will go for the entertaining apps which at the moment are an additional feature.

Compete with the big screen TV

Nowadays it’s much easier to watch a game or a concert in a family room on a big screen rather than go to the real venue. The most important factor that guarantees real-life events supremacy is feeling of being a part of a great experience.
With Engagenow you can bring the audience even closer which is a great advantage because human beings are fundamentally collaborators.

Boost revenues

New screen means new advertising space. In between quizzes about the players you can squeeze sponsor’s banners or native questions about their products in connection with the performance.

real-time engagement

What is possible with Engagenow?

Spark a conversation

Open the chat about the event. Moderate the discussion to create buzz around the match or the concert and get the best feedback.

Start Real-Time Engagement before the event

Share a link to the Engagenow in your social channels to start interactions before the event. In the case of the football match, you can start polling about the team’s line-up and spark a discussion about the possible score.

Message your audience

Send the same message to all the people at the stadium. Introduce the athletes, celebrities or stars. Share details about the performance or schedule of the event. Inform about the future matches or concerts.

Almost everyone at the audience will have a smartphone in their pocket, so mobile is the best solution to reach a broad audience.
Maximize attendee engagement with two-way communication
By incorporating live chat into your event, you can immerse viewers more by giving them the possibility to comment performances or latest happenings and share thoughts with other attendees. It’s different than having a conversation in social media. People can share their emotions on Facebook, but in most cases their friends won’t have the possibility to take part in the same event. Whereas using Engagenow all of the commenters are watching the same spectacle

In-the-moment feedback

Get instant feedback while your audience is still in on-site. Getting valuable feedback is much more probable while people are still engaged in the event – it’s far better solution than sending post-event surveys and will help you much more with planning your next event.

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