How to Use Interactive Content to Benefit From Facebook Organic Reach Slump

September 2, 2016 // Content Marketing / Trends


Use interactive content to regain a high organic reach of your Facebook page. Make your content shareable and be sure that you will benefit from changes in social media trends. This current decline is not necessarily a bad news. 

Facebook organic reach is down to publishers’ pages. If you were frightened, calm down. Not only your page is in a slump. It’s overall trend. Bigger players than you have experienced a decline. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc. and many others content providers are suffering.

It’s a good news for you. It shows that the old way of content deployment through social media is no longer efficient. You have one job – find tools and ideas which allow you to win with that slump. Then take advantage of their yearning for “old good times”. Yes, easy organic reach was helpful. Billboards also were great.

Why Facebook Is Holding Down the Organic Reach?

All that folks for whom Facebook is not just a social network, but everyday working environment see this evolution. Doing business through Facebook was easier, but brands overrun limit of data possible to absorb. This is why Facebook realized that it’s time for their algorithm to order that mess. Organic reach was cutting back orderly. Latest studies show that in last 6 months this tendency has bumped. Social marketing community is trying to point out reasons for the possible change in the algorithm. Many marketers are sure that it comes down to:

  • the overwhelming amount of business content,
  • followers feed was dominated by many posts from one provider,
  • the decline of personal posts,
  • lack of sharing everyday events and thoughts,
  • “video first” strategy.

reach without interactive content
Source: SocialFlow

The decline in reach per post indicates that we should focus on submitting fewer but high-value posts instead of many middling ones. It seems that Facebook has decided that they need to make people visit their platform more often. They try to gain it through returning to the roots. Facebook has obtained so many users because people wanted to interact with others, they are interested in personal life information. All that content delivered by publishers was too much. There appeared a huge concern that the biggest social network may lose its identity. What’s even more terrible – people wouldn’t visit platform regular because they were tired of all that news.

Take it easy, interactive content is here

Facebook has decided to not allow publishers to overtake our feeds.  They have announced it in this post:

We previously made an update that tries to ensure that stories posted directly by the friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links, will be higher up in News Feed so you are less likely to miss them.

Understanding the idea of the News Feed and Facebook’s principles helps you with content creation and distribution before even start. When planning next post focus on a few factors. First of all – connections. People are afraid of missing details from they family and friends. Strong relationships are the key here. Make sure that you will be a good friend of your audience. In the next step do all you can to understand their preferences – topics of posts, content types, ways of interacting with social media.

This knowledge will help you a lot. Also important are Facebook’s insights. According to their studies users expect that content from their News Feed will be rich in helpful information. It’s worthy to deliver the unique and valuable news. And of course, they want to be entertained. Their likes, comments, and shares are the best award for your efforts. Your content advocates will promote your work across the web. You should make it easy to them.

quizzes on Facebook

Source: Adweek.com

In this infographic, Adweek shows the most important trends from this and the previous year. Quizzes are described as the most shared content type on Facebook. Try out to take advantages of interactive content for more effective deployment.

Users love taking and sharing quizzes across social media sites and the web, and marketers are using them as a way to engage with audiences. Leverage this trend in 2016 by integrating quizzes and polls in your content marketing strategy.


Check the example below and find out how engaging and useful interactive content can be.

This instance shows that changes don’t have to be harmful. Actually, for many of publishers, it can be a good way to improve their reach. Providing that they focus on audience and their needs. Social media marketing is not about content providers comfort. Your success relies on being opened to new forms of communications.

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