How to turn old-fashion press into interactive experience

January 7, 2016 // Content Marketing / Trends

interactive magazine

Open a Dedicated Publisher’s App. Scan QR code. Take a quiz or a survey. Connect your articles with digital content or expand your ad to link customers into the online world.

We used 4screens platform for creating a mobile app to engage readers of the magazine. The app contains editorial content and quizzes adjusted to the content inside the magazine and QR scanner. QR codes could be embedded both in the article and in the ad.

The world is going mobile, but printed material aren’t

According to the data presented by the eMarketer in the UK ad spendings on mobile overtook the spending on Print in 2015.

mobile overtake print

By 2019 spendings on mobile will be more than three times higher than spendings on Print.
Almost all readers have mobile phones in their pockets while reading newspapers. They are used to interactive forms of engagement while browsing the web, so why not to use this opportunity to make print more attractive?

Connect print and digital to create Interactive Magazine

Add QR code’s scanner to your app (with 4screens platform), to send users to any piece of content online. You can effortlessly generate QR codes inside the 4screens platform to serve engaging quizzes or surveys without leaving the app.

Take a look at the video below. We inserted QR code into the advertisement on the last page of the magazine. After scanning the code the user is redirected to the quiz about the brand. It can collect e-mails and generate sales. You can connect each of the outcomes (e.g. models of watches) with the product page at the web store.

New revenue stream

Get new commercial space that you can sell to the advertisers. Ads connect print and online, so your clients will like the flexibility of reaching their customers with both channels.

Improve click-through rates

App users can play, learn or buy in seconds—take a quiz, watch a video, download a coupon, send a tweet, enroll in the sweepstakes. And every click-through is tracked, so detailed analytics is available.

Enhance Reader Experience

Through the collaboration of physical, print media and online content you can bring any page to live. Editors can do more than just provide a static image. It helps you to engage your readers much more.

Real-Time user metrics now available in print

Commonly the most important metrics that attracts advertisers to print is the number of copies sold. With the number of QR Codes scanned you can demonstrate that the advertising really works and with quizzes you can collect a large number of useful information about your readers to build their customer profiles.


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