How to Make Audience Interaction Easy with Engagenow

December 30, 2015 // Tutorials

Engagenow conference Audience Interaction

Your audience doesn’t want to feel ignored when they reach out to you. They expect your response. With Engagenow you can address all of their needs. Make your event into a two-way communication!

This article contains essential information about taking the most out of Engagenow features designed to interact with the audience during your event.

Warm-up before the conference

Get your audience talking about essential topics even before the conference starts. Ask about the speakers, what do they anticipate the most and hope to gain.

Do a little warm-up with funny, tricky questions to build the friendly atmosphere.

Examples of questions:

  • What marketing/financial trends are the most important in your opinion?
  • Which social media channels wold you recommend to use for an SMB?
  • Which marketing tactics are most overrated?

Get real-time feedback

Your audience may be a really valuable source of information to make the event better. Simply ask questions about their preferences like those presented below:

Which one of those 4 presented trends in e-commerce is the most important in your opinion?

Which channel is the most viable for your social marketing?

feedback Audience Interaction

Collect relevant opinions

Show that you really care about attendees’ point of view and ask about the issues mentioned during the speech. Start a poll to back the lecture with the viewpoints and predictions of the audience.

It’s particularly helpful during the long sessions.

Examples of questions:

  • How do you measure your marketing goals?
  • What is the role of video in your marketing strategy?
  • Do you need a special strategy for Generation Z?

Manage discussion

Invite participants to share their insights in the comments section. It can be used to crowdsource the best questions during the Q&A session and discussion panel.

All the time you can manage the chat – accept suitably and dismiss improper entries. You can highlight the most important ones and hide those already answered.

Please notice that the chat is globally for all Engagenows. It means that switching between Engagenows won’t change submitted comments. You can moderate your chat by accepting and declining comments.

Engage your audience

Use Engagenow to introduce speakers, inform about sessions or lunch breaks.

engagenow - conference Audience Interaction

Make your Engagenow beautiful

You can change any detail of how your Engagenow looks. Simply switch to the Design tab and select the main theme or customize the background image and colors used with each of the options.

Change the look of the chat – window – switch to the comments tab and change its direction (should they appear starting with the oldest ones or the other way?), avatars and colors. Personalize the Engagenow to be consistent with your branding.

Take advantage of new advertising channel

You can use Engagenow to discover new sponsorship opportunities. Just use Poster to display logo of a brand or create a sponsored story to engage users on their mobile devices and boost your revenue.

engageform sponsors

engagenow sponsorship

Things to remember before an event:

1. Prepare a dedicated link and instruction
The best way to distribute the Engagenow among your audience is to use the Header text and put there a short link created with bit.ly or as a redirection from your website. For example “Go to yourwebsite.com/conference”

If you put this link into the Header it will appear on the Presentation View above the chat.

2. Prepare an equipment

a. PC to manage Engagenow (chat and live pools) as an administrator.

b. PC to show Engagenow on a big screen in a Presentation View.

c. Projector and a projection screen.

d. Tablet for the presenter to review the chat live and ask recommended question.

e. Internet connection to make sure that every participant can interact with Engagenow.

3. Introduce the Engagenow to:

Your moderator – encourage your moderator to spend a few minutes with the Engagenow and get familiar with the tool. Ask him or her to brief the audience during the event as well.

Your Audience – prepare a short warm-up to explain Engagenow, how your audience can interact with the speaker, ask questions and vote.

Audience Interaction – summary

Remember to interact with your audience during the whole event – start discussions and interact with attendees all the time. Questions left unanswered and outdated polls will decrease the engagement rates and abstain people from posting.

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