Use online surveys, polls and quizzes in content marketing to generate leads

May 9, 2015 // Content Marketing


In new media nothing is sure, but it seems more likely now than few years ago, that content marketing has stood the test of time. Generating sales with quality content proved to be the right way in the internet of creators. The main question now is not, whether the businesses should invest in providing the customers with useful and fun texts, images, videos, but how to do it efficiently.

It’s all measurable now. You know how much you spend on creating content using your own resources and publishing it. You know the cost of curating the content made by the crowd. You can also easily measure the conversion rate of these actions. If the goals set are connected with your online or mobile devices presence, you can determine which lead was created with which content.

In theory you can generate a lead using content, if the value of the information or entertainment it brings to the users is greater than the value of the information they are giving to you (e-mail, name, phone number, etc.). But there is one factor that’s often omitted: the simplicity of the process.

That is why social logins have been such a revolution. Few years ago, one needed to type in their data and password each time they wanted to personalize the experience. Now, it’s just the question of two more clicks or taps, when you are logging in with you Facebook, Google+ or any other account.

Online Surveys, Quizzes and Polls in lead generation

Now you can generate leads using simple entertaining quizzes, polls and surveys. These are not only highly engaging forms of interaction with the audience, readers and customers. These forms can generate sophisticated leads with no need of typing any data at all. Each answer is a piece of information about the user.  That is why there is no content marketing format at the moment that has a higher click through rate than these three.

How to start? Try 4screens platform for building engagement forms now and we’ll help you build your first interactive surveys, polls or quizzes.  If you are looking for further inspiration, read this top 30 list of the most engaging quizzes posted on Buzzfeed.

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