How to use quizzes like BBC – case study

February 10, 2016 // Case Studies

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BBC used quizzes to promote one of its coming shows The Hunt in one of the articles at Huffington Post. Thanks to creative composition the quiz generated leads and app downloads. This article will factorize the success of this strategy to prove that quizzes should be incorporated in any marketing strategy.

Awesome photos

Visual content is much more engaging than plain text. Just take a look at those high-res pictures. They’re so stunning that it’s even hard to answer questions knowing that it will move the quiz forward.

quiz case study

Simple, short question

Concentration span of users is really short. The best solution is to provide them with easy to digest pieces of information.

Funny outcomes

Discovering that my knowledge about the animals is compared to the Sloth’s knowledge was really astonishing. That’s the moment when you see a sense of humor of the creators and the relationship between the brand and quiz-takers is created.

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Moreover a promise to give a valid evaluation of one’s knowledge or skills encourages to fulfill the quiz.

Exit links

That’s the best strategy to drive traffic to a specific landing page. In this case it’s a dedicated page collecting e-mail addresses to be notified about the app. When the show was broadcasted the page egg on downloading the app.


When using 4screens products you can be 100% sure that a quiz, survey, live event or social hub will work great on any mobile device (and desktop of course).

quiz marketing

Why is that s important? eMarketer estimates that US retail mobile commerce sales will approach $77 billion in 2015, up 32.2% from 2014. This growth will push mcommerce’s share of ecommerce up to 22.0%.

Lead Generation

This is just the only one thing that BBC’s quiz lacks, but it’s really powerful – when your content is engaging for potential buyers they are much more likely to share their personal information with you. Therefore the best strategy is put your form between the questions and score page. You can ask for an e-mail address, telephone number or website link.

Here is a great example of how a lead-generation quiz should work:

Lead generation works especially well when there’s an incentive to share personal information like a discount for ex.

What can you possibly do with that data? If it’s an e-mail address then simply export it to the Excel file and import to any e-mail automation software that you normally use.

In conclusion – Quiz Marketing

You can create a quiz like BBC’s in a very short time and for free. After a few tests you’ll be surprised how effective a quiz can be. Start by clicking this button:

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