Solution for SME: more engagement with Quizzes

May 6, 2015 // Content Marketing / Trends


US small businesses are not happy with the volume of new clients acquired through online channels, a recent study quoted by eMarketer says.  Only 31 percent are satisfied with the leads their internet presence generates, while 7 percent admit they get almost no clients online. 16.5 percent are not satisfied with the volume and the biggest part – 46 percent – agrees they need an improvement in this field.
Level of Satisfaction with the Volume of New Clients Generated via Online Channels* According to Small-Business Owners in North America , Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

online channels

The lack of results is not caused by ignoring this channel. The second part of the study shows small businesses are quite active online. However their e-marketing seems to be limited to the web page. As much as 34 percent of the businesses engage with the clients via company’s site daily and 21.4 percent does it weekly.

Frequency with Which Clients Engage with Them via Their Website According to Small-Business Owners in North America, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

online channels

It seems that low conversion is the effect of inadequate tools. Website is just one of the parts of engagement marketing mix and usually not the most interactive. The businesses need to synergize their social media presence, activate satisfied customers and let them attract new clients.

Engage surveys – quizzes, pools and surveys

The most efficient tools to achieve this goal are Engage surveys – for customers – and quizzes for the broader audience, interested in the product. 4screens is an online platform for creating such tools. Contact us and see, what engaging apps available on every screen can do for you.

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