“Superkids” Second Screen App for Polsat

November 23, 2015 // Case Studies / Second Screen

Second Screen App Superkids

“Superkids” is a trendy talent show aired by Polsat – one of the most popular polish broadcaster. It’s a part of international franchise based on the Duch original “Superkids”, where talented kids compete with each other by demonstrating their astonishing skills. Thanks to second screen app we were able to engage its viewers on a completely new level.

We aimed to create interactive hub around the show that would engage the users with different type of content during:

  • The show
  • Commercial break
  • The day – 24/7

Second Screen App Superkids

The need

  • Real-time application operating 24/7
  • Ongoing interactions engaging users not only during the show but also providing interesting content off-the-air
  • Giving the audience a chance to decide on the live activities

Second Screen App Superkids

Our solution – Second Screen App

“Superkids” App – dedicated, mobile app available both on Google Play and iTunes. It enables to capture user’s attention shortly before the show by sending push notifications.

The App provides users with real-time interactions:

  • Grading Model’s performance (app responds immediately showing the average grade given by the users)
  • Engaging quizzes about the celebrities raising sentiment to the stars
  • Commenting on ongoing performances using chat

Second Screen App Superkids

Above that users were engaged with off-the air activities:

  • Personality, Score and Knowledge Quizzes about the show
  • Behind the scene videos
  • News about celebrities

Typical timeframe for creating an app like that is counted in months. It involves communication with external developer agency, plenty of meetings and iterations. With 4screens Studio it’s possible to create sophisticated app in only a couple of days without any need of programming skills.

Using our Content Management System (CMS) publishers can manage the App in real-time, reacting to the live events to boost interaction levels even more.

Second Screen App Superkids

Benefits for broadcaster

  • Boosting the engagement and raising sentiment to the show
  • Creating 24/7 buzz
  • Getting information about the viewers sympathies thanks to live polls
  • Revenue boost thanks to sponsored section with a link to the e-shop
  • Collecting useful data if user is logged to the app using social account


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