Top 30 most Engaging Online Quizzes

May 8, 2015 // Content Marketing

Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are in their heyday. It seems social media users are still fare away from getting bored by this form o entertainment. How do we know? If there is somebody who knows recent media trends it’s Buzzfeed and the news site is publishing several quizzes every week.

We took a closer look at them and picked up the most engaging ones. Here’s the top 30  list form last three months. It’s a great inspiration for both choosing the topic of an engaging quiz as well as a copywriting lesson. Enjoy!

1. The Easiest Quiz You’ll Ever Take Can you handle how easy this is?

A list of obvious questions, for example “Which one of these is a letter?” with different numbers as answers and just one a in the center, proved to be the most engaging quiz on Buzzfeed in the last three months.

It’s easy to solve, takes little time and it’s funny.

2. Which Fruit Matches Your Personality? Let’s hope it’s not grapes. *Shudder*

A short psychological profile that ends up with a fruit comparison. Classic “Which are you” quiz with a common everyday use object as the answer category.

3. This Quiz Is The Only Thing You Need To Be Doing Right Now This quiz is for procrastinators ONLY

Honest and auto ironic. The Buzzfeed editors admit that they make profit from trolling other people’s working hours. The readers have nothing against it and gladly solved the quiz during their coffee break.

4. Who Is Your Boyfriend? Come and get your man.

Psychological profile of boyfriend that ends with results like “ferret owner”. It shows that the target audience for Buzzfeed quizzes are women (you will see it in other quizzes below).

5. What Should Your Name Actually Be? Your name is good, but could it be better?

Everyone would like to wind out. The result is often very strange name, like Gorth.

6. Which Disney Movie Would You Actually Star In? When you wish that you’re the star, makes no difference who you are.

Pop culture identification quiz boosted by childhood nostalgia.

7. Are You A Big Dumb-Dumb? Calling all dumb-dumbs.

A list of embarrassing situations with questions: Has this ever happened to you?

8. Which Candy Matches Your Personality? Which sugar thing are you?

An interesting idea for a business thinking about posting a quiz referring directly to their products. If you are selling sweets, you’ve got your problem solved.

9. Can We Guess Why You’re Taking This Quiz? It’s a quiz about a quiz. QUIZ-CEPTION.

Intriguing title introduces a survey that will tell you “What kind of quiz taker you are”, which in the end may prove to be quite disappointing.

10. Which Internal Organ Are You? You’re such a pancreas tbh.

A classic format. Remember that it works well, when the things the respondents are going to be compared to are both abstract (are not used to describe people) and familiar (just like a part of the body).

Here are some more insights for you to create Online Quizzes:

11. Can You Guess What These People Are Eating? Are you up to the challenge?

12. Can You Choose Between Hot Men And Cute Animals? Lil’ fuzzy animals or manly men? The ultimate test.

The animals are always highly engaging. Especially cute ones.

13. How Many Foods Have You Eaten? All the foods?

14. We Know Why You’re Single. The answer might surprise you!

15. Which Of One Direction’s Bones Are You? We’re talkin’ boy band skeletons.

16. Can We Guess Your Personality From Your Taste In Food? Carefully choose a food.

17. What’s Your Personal 2015 Theme Song? What song will describe your year?

18. Is This A Real Bear Or Nah? Can you spot a fake bear when you see one?

19. Which Godforsaken Abomination Are You? Oh god! Look away!

20. Your Destiny Is Based On This One Question. Find out the future now.

21. Which Tiny Little Animal Are You? Get ready to be adorable.

22. What’s Your Love Secret? Secret, secret, you’ve got a love secret.

23. How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To This Song I Just Made Up? This is not a real song. I just made it up.

24. Do You Even Know What You’re Looking At? See if you can beat this zoomed-in photo challenge.

25. Which Vine Star Is Your Kindred Spirit? Who should your six seconds in heaven be spent with?

26. What Your Name Says About The Animal You Are Inside. Find your inner beast.

27. What Kind Of Garbage Are You? Talkin’ trash.

28. Which Fictional ’90s Teen Heartthrob Is Your Soulmate? Your heart will never move on.

29. Can You Even Name These Fancy Dog Breeds? Let’s see how much you know about fancy dogs.

30.  Which Letter From The Title Of “Frozen” Are You? Are you more of a Z or an N?

We hope you have found our list inspiring. Go to our Quiz Maker and try using a quiz engagement app now.

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