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Interact with your audience on all screens.

Interact with your audience on all screens in real-time

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Collect, curate, and publish the best content

Keep an ear to the ground. Enrich your website with true, natural content marketing. Monitor people’s conversation in social media using 4screen Social Hub. Collect and curate most inspiring stories, photos and videos. Publish them on your websites, engage and create a community of your brand ambassadors.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Make sure your website is always alive

It is not easy for your staff to tell interesting stories about the brand every week. It takes effort, time, and resources. How about every day? For free? Even if your brand is not strong enough for people to mention it in natural conversations, for sure there are popular topics that somehow involve it. Find them, and include them in your website or branded mobile app.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Engage people in branded activities

Quiz, especially quiz with nice brand-related awards, is a marketer’s bread and butter. With 4screens you can create a fully customized quiz, voting or survey app that will reach every screen on planet in just few minutes. It will be available on Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, desktop computers in real-time.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing is a successful strategy because it’s scalable. Most of the stories about your brand will have a limited reach. Only from time to time there will emerge one that will spread. That is why it requires cost-efficient technology. 4screens is a Software as a Service Platform. It allows you to build and run many apps and widgets at the same time. It limits your risk, and increases the upside.

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