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Interact with your audience on all screens.

Interact with your audience on all screens in real-time

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Add value to the event by giving voice to the audience

People are not used to sit quiet at a presentation anymore. In social media era everybody feels empowered to state a public opinion. Use this trend to add value to the event you organize. Very often the most interesting ideas are born somewhere in the audience. Let the participants interact with the presentation, and express their point of view on the big screen.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Win the participants’ attention

Traditional stands and banners lose their significance when most of the conference guests are involved with their personal screens. It does not mean you cannot unite them in a common real-time experience. All you need is a tool with which they could write their comments and vote for the most interesting presentation or product. Once they participate in creating the content the big screens surrounding them showing it become much more interesting.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Rise the status of your event and attract more sponsorship

Engagement apps and widgets will boost the visibility of your event. Let the information about the event spread on social networks. Keep your website updated with the newest content provided by the social media influencers that participated in your event. Rise the follow-through and networking effect.

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