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Interact with your audience on all screens in real-time

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Post Great User Generated Content Automatically 24/7

User generated content (UGC) has proven to be more popular and engaging than professional journalism. Traditional media information is often inspired by Tweets and Facebook posts. 4screen Apps and Website Widgets can help you integrate UGC with your content once you configure and set them up, they update automatically. In the right context, next to the professional articles, images, and streams UGC will create a unique value.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

More Engagement = Higher Ad Revenue

Advertising in electronic media is changing. Pure reach is not highly valued, if it is not followed by high reader’s engagement, measured by time spent and interactions with the site. Adding social hubs, live feeds, quizzes or poll widgets to your articles is the easiest and most efficient way to boost these ratings. 4screen can help you becoming the leader of engagement on the market. And advertisers will reward it.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Add interaction to your news app

Mobile screens are filled with apps. They are quite crowded and it’s difficult for many publishers to get through with their content. Developing a dedicated news app takes time and money. Unfortunately often what publishers get is an outdated product they can’t control. 4screen is a a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Using it you can create a unique app or web widget within few minutes. You can also add interactive features to your existing app and website.

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