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Interact with your audience on all screens.

Interact with your audience on all screens in real-time

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Collect, curate and publish reviews, photos, and videos of your products made by your satisfied customers…

This kind of content is much more engaging than the best professional packshots and copywriting. And you don’t have to publish it manually. 4screens platform allows you to configure social media hubs that will aggregate it automatically. In real-time. 24/7. All you have to do is moderate the stream.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Link Facebook or Twitter conversations directly to your products

Social media marketing helps you start long term relationship between your brand and a user. It’s also a useful channel for customer surveys. Unfortunately, without special tools, marketing doesn’t produce many leads. With 4screens you can insert direct links to your product pages and see some true conversion.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Attract new customers, and boost your conversions rate

Match satisfied shoppers with other people of similar taste, interests, and location. With 4screens website widgets you can create the best place to talk about your products in the internet. And it’s going to be your store. You can also expand it to the mobile world with our apps.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Use social media directly in your store

Using our 4screens solution for retailers, you can integrate your product fans activites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your store. Showing a carefully designed Social Hub with post and pictures from satisfied customers will help you clients make the right choice. Add an interactive Big Screen to Drive Sales.

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