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Interact with your audience on all screens in real-time

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

TV has to fight with other screens for viewer’s attention

87 % of viewers use Second Screen. They watch TV and use another device – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – at the same time. Modern broadcasters face a great challenge to win the attention of their audience. The ones that succeed collect a high reward: a stronger market position and additional sources of revenue. Second Screen Engagement Apps and Web Widgets are the best tools make you the winner.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

Make Second Screen a part of your show

In order to succeed you need to be flexible and react fast. Each piece of content you broadcast needs an engagement boost. If you do not provide it there is a great chance your viewers will become distracted by other activities and will eventually forget about you. You cannot compete with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but you can integrate them into your own website and apps. Make them a part of your show.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Build your own Engagement Apps, control them…

Ordering dedicated software takes too much time, generates excessive costs, and provides you with a solution you cannot easily adjust to your future needs. We offer a much simpler way – with 4screens Studio you will create Engagement Apps in no time. You will retain full control over them and be able to modify them to keep up with your needs. Nobody knows your audience better than you do; it is your TV editors who know how to talk to their viewers. Give them the technology and the power to do it.

Make Second Screen a part of your show

… and maximize the multi-screen ROI

Developing dedicated apps is a substantial investment, and once you learn how to use them effectively you will realize you need a lot of them; at least one for every show or event. 4screens Studio is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with a monthly subscription model. You can build as many apps and web widgets as you like. Creating them takes just a few minutes and increases your team’s know-how getting them ready for the next challenges of the Technology Era.

TV has to fight with other screens for viewers’ attention

Boost viewer’s engagement and monetize it

Using second screen applications when watching TV raises the viewer’s engagement. It also creates a stronger bond among the viewers and thus opens new advertisement and sponsorship opportunities for your network. Turning an anonymous group into a dedicated community of TV show fans forms a long lasting relationship with the programming and provides a great upside for the broadcaster’s future revenue.

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