14 Tools And Platforms Every Content Marketing Strategist Has to Know: Channels

August 20, 2018 // Content Marketing

best channels for content marketing deployment

Choose the best channels and the most useful tools for content distribution. Make sure that your articles and posts will reach to every interested viewer. 

The necessity of creating a brand story that meets the audience needs has been pointed out many times. Planning and audience stages of content marketing strategy preparation are essential to deciding content line and deployment channels.

No matter how wild-ranging your content distribution may be, which with pages your posts will be linked – you need to have all your articles in one place. Company blogs are used as the main content platforms. It’s well-working practice. Publishing posts on the blog should be the first step. But it doesn’t guarantee traffic. If you assume that blog will be your landing page, determine deployment channels in your content marketing strategy.

Start With Social Media

Social media channels are obvious ways to promote content. Three of them – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are essential. These mediums are well-known and don’t need any introduction. Instead, let’s focus on tools that allow managing publishing content across different channels.

1. Buffer – a helpful tool for scheduling and posting content on preferred social media channels. Allows to build user engagement and generate extra traffic. Makes publishing process easy and cohesive.

buffer in social media strategy

2. Hootsuite – a powerful social media marketing platform with many valuable features. Publishers can gain a lot of helpful resources and solutions. Well-organised distribution process.

hootsuite uses in content marketing strategy

3. Sprout Social – rich in great features platform. The solution for publishers allows easily plan, organize and manage social media content. Strong asset – intuitive and well-designed panel.

helpful tools in content marketing deployment

4. Spredfast – one of the favorite tools for content teams. Helps wth managing content distribution across social media channels and guarantees quality.

social media content deployment

Get to Know Content Sharing Communities

The essential idea of inbound methodology, and content marketing as well, relies on sharing knowledge with the audience. The path from stranger to the customer requires many steps. When you trying to show people solutions to their challenges you have to find content hubs. Places where they come to grow as professionals. Point out every important medium and influencer in your industry. Let people find you and your content.

There a few valuable content sharing platforms, aside from your business space. Reddit, Inbound.org, GrowthHackers, Quora, Medium, Hacker News and similar ones allow promoting your content and redirect interested viewers to your blog.

5. Reddit – a powerful content hub was previously mentioned as a great place to find content inspirations. But it would be a waste of potential traffic to not take sharing content with its community into account. Especially worth using, when writing about some uncommon ideas.

reddit in content marketing

6. Inbound.org – a great community of professionals who eagerly sharing content, opinions, and interacts in interesting threads. The best articles are promoted and can generate a huge traffic.

publish posts on Inbound for better content marketing promotion

7. GrowthHackers – a valuable platform, full of extra knowledge. As well as Inbound.org allows reaching out to many professionals who are looking for solutions to overcome some business challenges.

promot your articles on GrowthHackers

8. Quora – in a short period of time Quora has become a powerful place where thousands of people trying to find answers to the most difficult questions they face. You will find many interesting threads and problems to solve there. Link your answers to your posts and encourage people to read more on your blog.

promote your blog on Quora

9. Medium – a valuable content platform where many people are looking for inspirations and help. Make sure that they will gain your advice. The best place to repost your articles – don’t forget to mention that content was originally published on your blog.

repost your content marketing

10. Hacker News – a helpful community, especially for small businesses. You can easy share links to your blog and help others with their business obstacles.

generate traffic to your blog

11. SlideShare – allows distributing content in a presentation form. Focusing on visual aspects. Great way to build interest and encourage the audience to find out more on your blog.

How to make a use of SlideShare in content marketing

Make a Use of Mailing List in Content Marketing Promotion 

List of email addresses to people who want your messages is priceless. It allows building long-term relationships and gives you a chance to deliver content directly to someone’s inbox. Use the best solutions to take advantage of this efficient channel. Make sure that chosen one make it easy to build good quality segmentations and let you distribute content in a capable way.

12. FreshMail – an intuitive and effective email platform. Valuable features help you with collecting subscribers and sending newsletters. Strong asset – WordPress integration.

newsletter in content marketing distribution

13. MailChimp – one of the best email marketing software. The useful panel, quality, and efficiency guarantee. Knowledge base rich in many helpful resources, solutions, and case studies.

MailChimp features- how to make a use of email marketing in content marketing

14. GetResponse –  another wort-checking email platform. Easy to use panel with additional resources of content.   

emailing in content marketing

Choosing appropriate channels has a huge influence on your content outreach. It also determines your content forms and details. Well-described channels allow focusing on the content creation process.

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