16 Tools Every Content Marketing Strategist Has to Know: Process

September 24, 2018 // Content Marketing

Process in Content Marketing

Make sure that you know the best tools for editing and enriching your content. Catch attention and build engagement with the most efficient supporters to your main messages.  

Content Marketing Institute define process stage rather as a way of building the content team. In this post, we focus on tools that make creation easier, more efficient, and valuable. It will be the support to conversation stage and toolkit described there.

When your plan is prepared, you know the audience and decide the channels best for the company story, content creation will be more complete. Tools from the list below will allow you to save time and refine even the most creative ones.

Editorial Must-Have For Better Content Marketing Effects

Even the best writers need support when it comes to editing their content. Typos seem not possible to avoid. For sure these features will raise its standards.

1. Grammarly  – a valuable editor. More efficient than popular software for writers. Suggesting not only typos but many grammar errors. Integrated with a browser can check your content in a real-time. Without necessity to copy text and open it in the app.

2. Hemingway Editor – the easiest way to make your content clear and bold. Highlighting too complicated sentences, suggesting a simpler alternative for too difficult phrases, mind you to not overuse passive voice and adverbs.

toolkit for content marketing strategist

3. Power Thesaurus  – it is the answer to a common problem – searching for synonyms. You may have a silver tongue, but sometimes especially when working under time pressure is hardly possible to find needed words.

how to make a use of power thesaurus in content marketing

4. Cliche Finder – the simplest way to get your content rid of cliche, anachronisms, and all that trashy, buzz words that have a bad influence on your  posts quality.

How to use cliche finder when running content marketing campaign

5. ZenPen – the must-have writing window for every writer who can’t deal with distractions. The minimalistic solution with basic editing features. Allows content creators to do their job without all that interrupting apps.

ZenPen for content marketing community

6. WordCounter – a useful app, especially when you feel like overusing some words. It ranks most frequently used words and give you a feedback. Helps you with creating a better quality of your content.

WordCounter using in content creation

The Best Tools to Visualize Your Content

Content needs visualizations. People are more likely to focus on something when it’s enriched with nicely presented data, infographics, interactive content and many others addition to the main message.

7. Youengage – a powerful creator for interactive content (quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments). Allows engaging the audience, redirecting traffic to selected web places or channels, and gives an opportunity to add lead generation forms to posts and articles. Intuitive panel with extra features.

8. Mapme – a useful tool to build visualization for content that needs to be presented on the map. You can save a lot of time with this app. Instead of writing descriptions, you can show many facts in the geographic space.

mapme in content marketing

9. Infogr.am – a smart creator which allows content designers to build useful visualizations. Add interactive charts and infographics to your posts. Readers are grateful for easy to understand data presentations.

data presentation in content marketing

10. Canva – a life-saver graphic tool for non-designers. Amounts of drafts from Facebook Ads, through infographics and posters to YouTube channel arts. Almost every type of content can be supported with graphics made with this app.

how to make a use of Canva tool

11. Placeit – a helpful mockups generator. Easy in use, allows content crafts to visualize chosen media on preferred devices. 2500+ mockups and demo videos base guarantee that everyone will find something to use.

mockups to use in posts and articles

12. Wordle – a smart creator for generating “word clouds”. Add a list of words you want to mix up, select font, layout, and color schemes. Simple but useful addition to your content.

how to take advantage of Wordle

There are amounts of tools similar to described ones above. You can search for alternatives, but these are proven.

Make Your Video Content Outstanding

The video is an important part of content marketing strategy. And will be even more needed to engage the audience. Get to know these tools and make sure that you will be ready to seize the opportunity.

13. Animoto – a helpful video marketing builder. Create shareable video content without filmmaker skills. The intuitive panel allows you to add  voice-over, customize text, and build uncommon collages.

video content in content marketing strategy

14. GoAnimated  – an awesome creator for animated videos. Your storytellers can increase their toolkit with this valuable panel. Simple solution and time-saving features. The easiest way to break difficult informations to the audience.

animation in content marketing

15. Videohance – a powerful tool to gain more with your videos. Easy to use filters and features allow you to enrich visual content. The best app for content designers who want to create outstanding videos on their own.

boost video content effects

16. WeVideo – the best solution for every video maker who wants a simple interface and powerful features. Strong asset – cloud video storage and access on any device. A wide range of features to use – scene transitions, motion effects, green screen, etc.

boost content engagement with video

All these tools bring a new quality to content marketing jobs. Time-saving and engagement-building features will be appreciated. Especially, when it will become hot during conversation stage. Content marketers nowadays are more than writers. Their toolkit should be well-equipped. The audience is demanding. Surprise them all!

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