3 Interactive Content Tools to Make Your Event More Awesome

August 25, 2016 // Content Marketing / Customer Feedback / Second Screen

interactive content tools for event marketing

Interactive content tools allow you to make your event remarkable. You can interact with your audience on every stage. Learn how to create engagement and take advantage of users activity. Event marketing becomes a multilevel process. It’s no longer only about promotion and selling tickets. 

Events need an engagement before the show even begin. The most beloved festivals, conferences, and parties build the community. They use social media and direct channels to reach out to their audience. Before, during, and after the event. Participants feel the strong connection with event brands. They are great promoters, advisors, and members of the project. Learn how to take advantage of interactive content tools to make an amazing show.

Use Interactive Content to Get to Know Your Audience

As many other initiatives, event planning too often starts at the wrong stage. No matter if it’s a huge international festival or just a meetup for a few geeks – it’s always something that has to be done ASAP. Event planning is so complex. There is always something that may go wrong. Organizers are focused on every aspect of the event in the old timeline. Too many of them think that they should start with the main idea and objectives, then determine the budget, lineup, audience, and performance. There occur problems. They are concentrated on solving them in the real-time.

When you plan your event in this way you may be in trouble. The audience and the real demand for the event are left to the end of the process. Planners often make a mistake to think that they will have time to communicate with people and make them interested in attendance. Before you start planning details focus on getting to know your audience. Make sure that your tickets will be sold in a few minutes. Understand people thoughts and build connections which will allow you to reach out to them directly.

With Engageform you can easy create quizzes, polls, assessments, and surveys. Make a use of interactive content to ask people about their opinions, event milestones, and must-have points of the line-up. See the example below.

Polls like this one allow you to build special relationships with your audience. The feel important – they voice counts. They are likely to share their preferences and possibilities. This poll shows their favourite musicians, the preferred length of the event, and budget. What’s more, you gain knowledge about the way they will get there so you can adjust your place or even choose a better spot. You also get to know their team – you can adapt festival ground to families, teenagers, or couples. You can easily create your own poll or quiz. Even if you plan completely different type of event you can use it as a benchmark. It’s just an instance which doesn’t drain all possibilities (to be honest – they are limitless). The great part of using interactive content is its possibility to generate leads. Take a look at this one slide below.

generate leads through interactive content

By adding email forms you can gather your event seekers. Build the fanbase. Give them special content from time to time and let them promote your event. Also very important is your thank you page. When they realize that they can get their favorite band when many of their friends vote you will gain viral promotion. Encourage them! According to Adweek quizzes and polls are the most shared content type on Facebook. It’s worth to take advantage of interactive content! 

Build the Social Hub to Make a Use of User-Generated Content

People love to share photos of tickets, videos from parties and the best quotes from keynote speakers. Build your own social hub with Engagehub. Let your community speak. All that content linked to your brand in social media can be published on a social page on your website. It can be used as a social proof – happy, proud customers are the best sellers. It also allows you to engage an audience before, during and after the event. Check out how Rockefeller Center does it. how to build the social hub They encourage people to share their memories and stories by using #rockcenter hashtag. It gives them a lot of great content. Your can also build such an active community around your event. User-generated content is more genuine and better express emotion of your audience. Content from the social page can be expanded like this one below. It allows sending additional messages or share people thoughts. user-generated content Social hubs created with Engagehub have another extra feature. Content from social media can be linked to product pages and e-commerce. When someone adds photo in your special t-shirt, with tickets or just having fun you are able to link it with your items on shopping sites. Just one click from a social page without searching or leaving your website.

Interact with Your Audience in a Real-Time

Your events need audience engagement. Also this online one. Thanks to Engagenow you can conduct live Q&A sessions, polls, and voting. It all can be displayed on the big screen. Participants may contribute towards discussions or take part in real-time contests. This interactive content tool helps you with building crowdsource platform. Second screen possibilities are not only a useful way to increase audience engagement. It’s also an efficient leads grabber. First interactions during the event can be turned into a bigger conversation. Someone who is interested in topics discussed on the event may also be curious to hear about your products or services. interact with your audience

Get Feedback and Generate Leads

All these interactive content tools can be used on every stage of the event planning. Actually, your audience never sleeps. Your competitors either. Even the best event ideas need to be developed. Participants opinions are the key here. Create a user-friendly customer feedback form and gain extra insights. See how to do it.

After a few questions about the place, event, or stuff you can ask feedback donators about their email or phone numbers. Remember about extra value proposition – something in exchange for their time and data.

Event social media marketing is not just a part of the promotion. It’s an inherent element of the event. Interactive content tools allow event planners to increase their work on every stage of the project. The happy audience is the best appreciation. Now it can be used in many ways.

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