Get 35%+ Higher Completion Rates Through Sexy Surveys

May 14, 2018 // Customer Feedback / Trends

Get 35%+ Higher Completion Rates Through Sexy Surveys

Learn how to get higher completion rates even to 35% and more. Don’t allow your audience to lose interest when fulfilling online surveys. Encourage users to share their opinions and […]
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October 6, 2017 // Customer Feedback

10 Ways to Make Your Online Surveys Enjoyable to Fill Out

Before taking advantage of online surveys in your business, be sure that you know how to make them fillable. Follow these 10 rules and increase completion rates. Building dialogue with customers through online […]
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August 25, 2016 // Content Marketing / Customer Feedback / Second Screen

3 Interactive Content Tools to Make Your Event More Awesome

Interactive content tools allow you to make your event remarkable. You can interact with your audience on every stage. Learn how to create engagement and take advantage of users activity. Event […]
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October 22, 2015 // Content Marketing / Customer Feedback

Staggering Benefits of Quizzes for Hotel Industry

I can bet that most of the readers of this article are familiar with the “BuzzFeed’s miracle”. They collect all of the trending content from around the web, mix together, […]
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October 12, 2015 // Customer Feedback

What is the best Online Survey Tool? Engageform vs SurveyMonkey

Online surveys are an invaluable aid in understanding what your consumers or users think about your products and services. They can bring you information how well received your event is, you can use […]
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October 5, 2015 // Customer Feedback / Tutorials

7 steps to Creating an Insightful Customer Satisfaction Survey for an E-store

Caring for your customers has never been more important than in the digital age. To meet one’s needs you have to listen. The best way to hear what your customers are saying is to […]
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July 23, 2015 // Customer Feedback / Tutorials

How to Create Effective Online Survey

Traditionally, collecting user feedback has been an expensive and time-consuming process, but with the 4screens Engageform it’s easy and user-friendly. I will show you how to create Online Survey in just 10 […]
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July 17, 2015 // Customer Feedback / Trends

4 trends in Customer Satisfaction Surveys to Bring the Best Results

Online surveying business is all about Completion Rates and internet is all about outdated solutions to make sure that respondents will finish the survey. Below you’ll find 4 most important, […]
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May 13, 2015 // Customer Feedback / Tutorials

How to Build a Lead Generation Survey to Interact with Users

Surveys are an effective way of interacting with users. What’s more asking multiple choice questions enables you to communicate with the customers without forcing them to type anything. With platforms […]
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