Get 35%+ Higher Completion Rates Through Sexy Surveys

May 14, 2018 // Customer Feedback / Trends

sexy surveys for higher completion rates

Learn how to get higher completion rates even to 35% and more. Don’t allow your audience to lose interest when fulfilling online surveys. Encourage users to share their opinions and thoughts with lasting engagement. 

Survey quality should be measured in the completion rates efficiency. Numbers and types of questions, kind of content used in forms, CTA, welcome and thank you pages, mobile experience, and forms simplicity  – it’s a list of determinants which help you with increasing the most important numbers.

Spoiler alert – there will be no sex-related content. Sexy surveys are known as a new methodology of surveys creation. If someone is upset – sorry for that. Instead, we want to share with you some useful solutions when working on boosting surveys effectiveness.

Create Sexy Surveys And Get Higher Completion Rates

You are probably familiar with these tips when trying to make your surveys enjoyable to fill out. Following best practices allows you getting the most out of your interactions with the audience. Sexy surveys need those features also, but what makes them sky-rocketing are:

  • one page per question forms,
  • mobile-friendly experience.

Taking into account all that advises gained previously and focusing on these two features, allowing get even 35% and higher completion rates.

One Page Per Question

The way of content consumption is in the instant evolution process. It determines content creators to follow trends and make their work more up to the main requirements. As well as others types of interactive content – quizzes, polls, assessments – surveys can be the best answer to the passive content boredom.

To do so, surveys creators have to forget about corny, never-ending engagement killers. Old school blanks with multiple questions on one page should be replaced by one page per question forms.

Get 35%+ Higher Completion Rates Through Sexy Surveys

Sexy surveys allow users focus on the question. Creators gain a chance to make a use of engaging types of content (video, audio, gifs – learn more>>) and diversify questions kinds (multiple or picture choice. ratings, open forms). It’s friendly and efficient experience. This kind of survey layout is more similar to often used apps, the most popular websites and looks good when sharing in social media.

One page per question forms are helpful features when trying to sustain audience interest. 8-seconds attention span is not the best friend of passive questionnaires. Like it or not – when interacting with online content we are all like brattish kids. Survey creators have to build interesting, engaging and enjoyable forms to get higher completion rates.

Mobile Friendliness

Surveys distribution depends on targeting audience and research goals. It’s easy to reach out to the right people thanks to many deployment options:

  • sharing on social media,
  • sending links through SMS,
  • forward through e-mails,
  • embedding into a website, posts, articles, blogs.

All these ways of sharing surveys are important. We assume that you know your viewers best – you are aware where to find them and how to gain their attention. But even the best reach can be wasted if surveys forms suck.

To avoid such an unpleasant situations we recommend focusing on creating mobile-friendly surveys. Many of users (no matter which way of distribution you will choose) will open your survey on their smartphones. When building one, keep in mind how it works and looks on mobile devices.

how to get higher completion rates

Make sure that you survey creator allows you to preview and adjust your mobile-friendly forms.

Getting the most out of surveys requires instant improvement. Mobile-friendly and one page per question forms are the most up-to-date solutions when working on getting feedback with high-efficiency rates. By the way, it’s great to make interesting and well-designed content. Especially, when that kind of content is known as a boring and dull.

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