3 Ways to Enrich Your Interactive Content

February 14, 2018 // Content Marketing / Trends / Tutorials

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Make sure you are familiar with the newest trends in interactive content. Increase quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments by adding extra multimedia. Boost entire communications. Make your quizzes even more engaging and shareable.

Our attention span is shorter than goldfish. 8 seconds (in 2013 according to a study by Microsoft) and dropping. Content marketers are desperately looking for features that allow grabbing audience interest. Interactive content is known as the best solution to the stagnation of the passive content. Quiz makers have better reach and higher ROI. But the party is getting hot. New trends are on their way.

1. Using gifs to grab and sustain attention

Some of the interactive content creators give their users a chance to embed gifs into question forms. Gifs are popular plugs in articles end posts. Often are the best comments and many of them become viral. When using in quizzes, polls, assessments, and surveys deliver a few extra values:

  • grabbing attention (especially funny, popular and controversial ones),
  • entertaining (we like to check them one by one – it may be the solution to increase completion rate),
  • adding emotional message (enriching communications),
  • making you cool (you can show your audience that you are not afraid of being awesome).

Check how it works with this example below.

Now enrich your quizzes and polls with appropriate (or inappropriate if you want so) gifs. Follow a few steps:

  1. Download preferred one (when using giphy.com go to the advanced section and click the download button in a third row).
  2. Go to your Quiz Maker account. Create new interactive content or edit one of the elder forms.
  3. Choose Upload a Picture button, select your gif and enjoy the result.

2. Enriching interactive content with videos

Videos and interactive content are two among most important types of content in modern marketing. Brands use them successfully. But the possibility to embed videos into quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments allows to multiple their usage. Quiz makers are able to build a new kind of interactions. They get another type of question and can diversify their forms. With that feature, interactive content campaigns are more cohesive with main video campaigns. It’s also an extra enrichment for interactive contests creators. See the example below and try out to use it in your communications.

Adding videos to interactive content in a few moves:

  1. Copy embed video link.
  2. Select Description instead of Media in the design option (right bar in your panel).
  3. Paste link in the description field and add preferred forms.

add video to interactive content

Have you found any interesting idea how to use video in interactive content? Please do share it with us in our comment section.

3. Making use of audio content

Podcasts can boost your interactive content in many areas:

  • as a new type of questions – guess the song, tell who is it, or match the picture to the audio,
  • as a helpful feature for kids, elder ones, or all these people with poor visual acuity,
  • as entertainers, emotional threads – music can change the way audience interact.

Follow the example below:

Adding audio to your quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments is very similar to adding videos:

  1. Copy embed audio link.
  2. Select Description instead of Media in the design option (right bar in your panel).
  3. Paste link in the description field and add preferred forms.

how to add audio content to quizzes

Youengage allows enriching quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments with many types of multimedia. Actually, it comes down to your creativity. Any kind of content can be added in description field through an embed code. Even your SlidShares may boost your interactive content performance. Now interactive forms become multitasking tools. If you are looking for inspiration check out this post and learn from the best quiz makers.

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