Staggering Benefits of Quizzes for Hotel Industry

October 22, 2015 // Content Marketing / Customer Feedback

Benefits of Quizzes

I can bet that most of the readers of this article are familiar with the “BuzzFeed’s miracle”. They collect all of the trending content from around the web, mix together, shake, add some funny comments and serve into the form of a list or a quiz. This article is all about engaging users with the latter of those two. I will show you how your business can benefit with quizzes in lead generation, surveying customers and generating additional traffic.


Benefits of Quizzes #1 Lead generation

Collecting leads is one of the crucial tasks in marketing hotels on the internet. To do it right you have to attract potential guests with your facility or activities and promise to deliver great content online in the future or draw their attention with sweepstakes.

In the example, I engaged quiz-takers into my story with interesting questions about their traveling personality and then before revealing the final outcome I asked them to share their e-mail address. It’s very important to establish relation in the first place before asking for a favor.

Remember to be totally honest about the about the purpose of which you’re collecting their data. If it’s a mailing list – write it down. If it’s a contest with a chance to win a phone – write it down. Moreover, we all love discounts – don’t forget about that and try to be generous. Later on you can easily export kind of collected data (e-mails, telephone numbers, links or other answers) for further analysis.

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Benefits of Quizzes #2 Generating traffic

Although nowadays hotels own their social channels, they struggle with driving traffic to their website to later on convert visitors into paying guests. It’s easy to find a solution to that problem with quizzes.

Include quizzes into your social media strategy and consistently post your own forms. I can advise you to frequently switch between surveys, pools, outcome quizzes and score quizzes to keep the users interested with new forms of content.

The idea to generate traffic, however lies into one single trick – Exit link. This is the link that may lead to your main page or to a pre-prepared landing page with a personalized offer. Just imagine that from the quiz similar like the one above the user receives an outcome Adventurer, which means that he is most likely into extreme sports and active forms of spending time.

This gives you an insight into what potentially may he be interested in, so I you’re organizing mountain biking and sky diving you can send him directly to that page. On the other hand, if the user prefers relaxing and calming activities you can propose your spa facilities.

Benefits of Quizzes #3 Surveying

Last but not least Engageform is a great tool to survey your customer. As you can see from the example below you can ask your guest to evaluate their stay at your place – food in the restaurant, cleanness of the rooms, stuff and anything else.

It’s an awesome way of discovering the true needs of your customers and areas of improvement.

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Nowadays quizzes are one of the most engaging for of content on the internet. Not only publishers can leverage their advantages but it’s also possible businesses. Start quizzing today with Engageform:

Benefits of Quizzes

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