Marketing Automation Without the Missing Link

June 27, 2019 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Without the Missing Link

When using marketing automation, better do it right or not at all. Before you start nurturing leads and sending them highly customised offers be sure that you have a list […]
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May 20, 2019 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Tutorials

How to Generate Leads Through Interactive Content

Interactive content marketing delivers a new way to generate leads. Email address box can be implemented into the list of questions. It’s something bigger than leads acquisition. Prospects give marketers self-declared […]
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April 3, 2019 // Case Studies / Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Tutorials

9 Inspiring Lessons From the Best Interactive Content Makers

Interactive content is great. It’s a known fact. Quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments drive traffic and sustain engagement. What’s even better, well-created interactive content generates leads and gets self-declared extra data. […]
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September 5, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Trends

How to Use Interactive Content in Real-Time Marketing

Interactive content allows you to create great real-time marketing campaigns. With quizzes, polls, assessments, and surveys you are able to generate leads in that way. Marketers often need to be […]
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August 17, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Tutorials

5 Quick Steps to Integrate SALESmanago With Engageform

SALESmanago is one of the leading marketing automation platforms. Now, when integrated with Engageform, allows users to transfer leads and data gained through quizzes and polls automatically to SALESmanago account. Learn how […]
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August 4, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation

How to Use Interactive Content in Progressive Profiling

Leads profiling has become an essential part of marketer’s duties. Gaining potential prospects is no longer the final goal. It’s part of the process. Interactive content boosts profiling with extra […]
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August 3, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation

5 Great Tips How to Deal With Your Content Marketing Challenges in An Interactive Way

Dear Content Marketing Community, It’s pretty enlightening to see how you grow. Following your members help us a lot with doing business. Many of these tips, tools, and resources were […]
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August 1, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation

How to Use Interactive Content to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Interactive content marketing allows you to enrich your content strategy. It gives your blog posts and articles a new look. With quizzes,polls, surveys, and assessments you can build a new […]
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July 25, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation

3 Easy Ways to Grow Email List Through Interactive Content Marketing

E-mail marketing is great, again. Marketers appreciate its capability and conversion rates. The best campaigns begin with well-maintained email lists. Build one and increase the number of subscribers is not an […]
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July 20, 2016 // Content Marketing / Trends

7 Effective Tools to Create Interactive Content in a Snap

Modern marketers would do everything for attention grabbing and lead acquisition. When these things are getting heavier, they need new features. Thankfully, there is a lot of useful tools which […]
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June 27, 2016 // Tutorials

5 Simple Steps to Integrate HubSpot With Engageform and Generate Leads

Your HubSpot CRM can be enriched by a myriad of data from quizzes, polls, surveys and customer assessments – created in your Engageform account. Allow us to accelerate your marketing […]
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October 22, 2015 // Content Marketing / Customer Feedback

Staggering Benefits of Quizzes for Hotel Industry

I can bet that most of the readers of this article are familiar with the “BuzzFeed’s miracle”. They collect all of the trending content from around the web, mix together, […]
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July 13, 2015 // Content Marketing

How to become content marketing king with quizzes?

How do you get better at content marketing? First, you have to do it by your own in a  unique way with sherable content. Second, you have to have great […]
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May 13, 2015 // Customer Feedback / Tutorials

How to Build a Lead Generation Survey to Interact with Users

Surveys are an effective way of interacting with users. What’s more asking multiple choice questions enables you to communicate with the customers without forcing them to type anything. With platforms […]
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