7 Effective Tools to Create Interactive Content in a Snap

July 20, 2016 // Content Marketing / Trends


Modern marketers would do everything for attention grabbing and lead acquisition. When these things are getting heavier, they need new features. Thankfully, there is a lot of useful tools which allow accelerating marketing engine. Also, content marketing has many supporters. Check out our favourite ones.

Using data to tell the story and illustrating problems are important parts of content creation. Nowadays articles and posts become not only well equipped with infographics, pics and videos but also contain interactive content formats. Try out some from our lists without spending too much money (or even without spending money at all). Make your content interactive.

1. Brackify – interactive voting brackets creator

Brackify is doing an amazing job with making UX more interactive. It’s uncommon, engaging voting platform, easy to integrate with your website. The interesting format of polls allows you to get more answers and entertain your audience in two ways: complete bracket and round by round bracket. Brackify is also known for its ability to bring out competition aspect. Check this one with NBA players below.

interactive content marketing

Engage your audience with bracket voting

2. Mapme – smart maps builder

Useful platform to create nice maps. With Mapme, you are able to make a pretty visualization for your blog posts, articles or social media. Explain complicated topics, illustrate a sequence of events and present data in a more user-friendly way. You have two products to match your needs: Mapme Story or Mapme Classic. Decide which of them let your audience understand your point better. See how Obama’s visit to Cuba was presented.

interactive map

Create interactive content on a map

3. Infogr.am – data visualization maker

An intuitive tool to post data in interactive charts, graphs and infographics. Allows you to take advantage of real-time data, present them in an active way, easily embed and download. Infogr.am offers you over 30 types of charts, many templates and myriad of infograms created by other users. With special product – Infogram for Teams – you can collaborate with colleagues more efficient. Your visualizations will be more completed and full-bodied.

interactive data visualization

Present data in an interactive way

4. Vizia – interactive video producer

Interesting tool to turning passive videos into interactive dialogues. Add text, images or question boxes. Insert quizzes and polls into your videos. Boost audience engagement and enrich your content. Interact with viewers and generate leads. Refresh your website or blog by adding interactive videos.

interactive videos builder

Create interactive videos

5. Thinglink – rich media links builder

Outstanding interactive media platform with a helpful solution. Add rich media links to photos and videos – make your content more engaging and shoppable. Use ThingLink to create interactive news, infographics or product catalogs. Track of how people interact with your content. Implement narrative elements directly to your images and videos. Drive sales through rich media links.

rich links

Add rich media links to your photos

rich links shoppable

Make them shoppable

6. Engageform – interactive content creator (quizzes, polls and surveys)

Create interactive content in a Snap!

Create interactive content in a Snap!

An effective tool to generate and profile higher quality leads. Intuitive panel to design quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments or feedback formats. Easy to share and drive traffic to your website. Helpful with gaining self-declared data. Integrated with the best marketing platforms. First step of marketing automation and a new level of user engagement. Try out how it works below!


7. Calculoid – interactive calculator maker

Smart creator which allows your customers to do simple calculations without leaving your website. Great and interactive feature to build relationships with the audience. Visualize your extra value, give prospects quick answers and accelerate direct communication. Find out new leads acquisition possibilities.

interactive calculator

Create interactive calculator

Content becomes more interactive. We admire this trend and looking for new tools which allow us to communicate better with our audience. Modern marketers need to appreciate their customers’ engagement. Don’t take too much of their time, when it’s not necessary. Interactive content marketing allows you to build new kind of interactions. Furthermore, it is an effective process of lead generation and nurturing. Make sure you use the most of it when creating your marketing strategy.

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