Marketing Automation Without the Missing Link

June 27, 2019 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Marketing Automation


When using marketing automation, better do it right or not at all. Before you start nurturing leads and sending them highly customised offers be sure that you have a list of potential prospects. Email address, without any data about its owner, is not a great beginning of the conversion.

Every marketing professional has his own way of doing the job. They use different tools and create alternative strategies to meet their business objectives. But they see eye to eye in one case. Marketing automation is the most wanted solution in marketing communications. Despite the myriad of tools available, there is still a lacking link at the outset of the whole process.

The missing point of marketing automation

According to HubSpot, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to nurture prospects with highly personalised, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers. HubSpot adds that it’s not the easiest way of conducting marketing activities and points out the lack of marketing automation solutions for leads generation. Inbound methodology creator indicates that marketing automation software and tools often focus only on further stages of the funnel.

It seems really confusing. Paying for tools which allow nurturing leads and don’t have ones to be nurtured. If we had enough time, we would set up an academic discussion – is this right to call your software marketing automation when it’s much more lead nurturing tool without lead generation mechanism? Modern marketers would love to have engine and strategy to combine all these activities in one place.

Leads generation

As it was said before, to nurture leads and to close deals marketers need new ways of gaining prospects. Thanks to interactive content marketing occur simple but effective one. Quizzes, polls, assessments or surveys can be easily created in Engageform. Marketers (also non-marketing professionals) do not need any design and coding skills. Their job comes down to creative conceptions, good planning and effective deployment.

trough marketing automation

Gaining leads through interactive content is intuitive and agile because of possibility to implement email address boxes into a sequence of questions. Well-prepared interactive content obeys a few rules. First of all, an author is focused on making the form which will be a trigger, ready to urge audience actions. Secondly, email leaving box needs to be integrated into a whole quiz or poll as gentle as its only possible. Viewers should feel that it’s natural and effortless to share their email with marketers. Do not forget about extra value as a way of payment.

email for marketing automation

Putting leads in the self-declared context

Focusing on well-created content allows marketers to gain extra insights. Leads generated through quizzes, polls, surveys and assessments are not only good quality ones. Interactive content delivers important and unique data. Self-declared information, preferences and chosen answers can be used in leads profiling process. Therefore, the interactive content creator needs to know which data allow him to enrich his marketing communications.

Look at the example below. Leads gained this way are rich in extra information. You will know how to prepare the best proposal.

Using self-declared data helps with building deep segmentation. Potential customers will appreciate customised messages. Your growth will be visible not only as a higher open rate and lower bounce rate in your Google Analytics. Lead nurturing will be interactive and mutual. You will see your prospects as real humans with preferences, taste and needs. The best of all, it will be declared by them.

Marketing automation through integrations

Leads are already generated, prepared to be nurtured. Thanks to Engageform integrations possibilities they can be automatically transferred to preferred marketing platforms ( HubSpot, MailChimp, SALESmanago ). You can also use integration and tracking services like Zapier or Google Tag Manager to handle data flow.  This process doesn’t need to be maintained manually. When Engageform questions are matched with chosen marketing platform fields, data appear in the right account. Below you can see how to sync Engageform with HubSpot CRM.

integrate interactive content with crm

Engageform integrated with one of the leading marketing platforms is known as marketing automation at its best. Smart leads grabber fixes gaining problem and allows nurturing software focus on converting. Leads profiling is enriched by self-declared data. Potential customers speak up their needs. In exchange, marketers give them customised offers. It is a new quality of marketing communications. Without spam, irrelevant messages and time-wasting.

Modern marketers believe that marketing automation will allow them to develop their business. Because of changing ways of media consumptions, they find it heavy to get through to audience attention. Marketing automation can be the answer to these challenges. But with all that strengths of new solutions, there occur a new threat. Customers don’t like to communicate with bots. Therefore, no matter which of marketing automation platform you will choose, make sure that it won’t look like dialogue from the old sci-fi movie.

With self-declared data from interactive content and well-managed marketing platform, marketers are able to automate their communications and make it more human, simultaneously.

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