5 Great Tips How to Deal With Your Content Marketing Challenges in An Interactive Way

August 3, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation


Dear Content Marketing Community,

It’s pretty enlightening to see how you grow. Following your members help us a lot with doing business. Many of these tips, tools, and resources were worth to implement. Now, we want to pay you back. We are aware of your challenges and struggles. We are not ready yet to fix them all but you will find out how to solve main worries bellow.

• How to grab audience attention? – Through micro-moments

Making people interested in the presented story is a big deal. With increasing amounts of content published every single day and constant capacity to absorb new articles, videos or posts audience has the right to feel overwhelmed. Brent Leary, co-founder of CRM Essentials, has described it properly:

The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.


How to do that? Creating even more content? Better quality and new forms? Sure, be that’s not enough. Owing to the modern way of content consumption, getting viewer/reader interest relies on micro-moments. Average time spent on your website is counted in seconds. The crucial issue comes down to use this moment to engage the audience to stay. Passive content needs to be enriched by interactive features.

content marketing that works
Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Embedding quizzes, polls, or simply questions in articles or blog posts allows you to catch viewers’ attention. Give them a quick message – it’s worth to play with us, see what else we have prepared for you. Interactive content marketing possibilities are limitless. Be creative in an interactive way. Don’t let your guests skip your content. They will appreciate its value if you encourage them to absorb it.

• How to convert readers/viewers into leads? – Through interactive opt-in boxes

Acknowledge that you already grab the audience attention. They are loyal followers of your work. You give them an opportunity to share their email addresses but they seem unconvinced. Traditional opt-in boxes and pop-ups are associated with banner blindness. Which means they don’t even notice your attempts to acquire them.

Interactive content marketing gives you the opportunity to make smart, dynamic forms, related to the main message of your posts. Quizzes, polls, or surveys urge the audience to interaction. Mutual interest helps to move forward. Your user is already active – deciding which answer choose, entertaining with results and almost sure that wants something more. Seize an opportunity and promise him extra value in exchange for email address. See the example below.

The most important thing, in that case, is using the power of already gained user’s activity. Passive content imposes additional move from an inactive reader. Interactive content makes a use of taken actions and emails leaving form implemented in the sequence of motions. It is easier to make third or fourth step than first.

• How to make content marketing more customer-centric? – Through self-declared data

Interactive content marketing brings a new quality to business. Marketing analytics has made a progress from demographic to behavioural categories. Quizzes, polls, and surveys boost your leads profiles and buying persona with self-declared information. Directly received insight allows you to prepare more accurate campaigns, messages, and offers.

With all these exclusive data your insights are no longer the results of demographic and guessing combination. Well created interactive content allows you to get key facts which can make a difference. Use it to build the content marketing strategy and set up a campaign or even plan a whole marketing communications.

Well-coordinated content marketing strategy consists of five stages:

• Creation
• Publishing
• Promotion
• Monitoring
• Analysis

All of them can be enriched by self-declared data. The best marketers are aware that success comes down to replicated actions. But this repeatability and its periods need to be verified and updated. With interactive content marketing, every next campaign is more effective than the previous one.

• How to increase the outreach? – Through easy sharing and viral capacity

Even the best content needs new kinds of deployment to make progress. As it was written earlier, the attention economy has no mercy. So users, who share your content through social media, discussing groups and privet messages are priceless. Your duty relies on making it as easy, intuitive and effortless as it’s only possible.

All these social media plug-ins on your website are helpful. But from the assumption, they focus on sharing content already prepared and published – it’s how it works. Interactive content marketing changes its fundaments. Thanks to its features and limitless design possibilities, content shareability can be built into its creation.

interactive content marketing

Your main task is to understand what makes your audience share content. Do the research. Check out which psychological factors influence on them. Do your customers prefer to be entertained? Do they like to send their friends funny stuff? Maybe they would rather show their colleagues how good are they on content marketing? When you create a good quiz, poll, or survey it will be shared on its own!

• How to implement content marketing to a whole marketing engine? – Through integrated platforms

Modern marketers aim at marketing automation. They love solutions which allow them to enhance and unify their communications. Especially with all these activities required to attract strangers enough to become visitors, converting them into leads and then into customers. The wealth of new channels and tools strengthen the necessity of holistic approach.

A simple way to enrich your lead nurturing process and accelerate marketing engine is to integrate marketing platforms. The lead acquisition should be prepared with a view of further communications. At the beginning of content marketing campaign planning, you should focus on how to use these data reached during interactions with an audience for sales. It’s time to combine your leads grabber with deal finishing mechanism.

integrations for content marketing

Integration of marketing platforms doesn’t require technical skills. Leads gained through content marketing operations are automatically transferred to your email platform or CRM. When using Engageform you are able to transfer leads and data from quizzes, polls and surveys straight to your MailChimp or HubSpot account.

You are welcome. These are our tips, which should help you with some of your challenges. We keep working on making content marketing even more efficient. We will inform you about new solutions soon.



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