3 Easy Ways to Grow Email List Through Interactive Content Marketing

July 25, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation


E-mail marketing is great, again. Marketers appreciate its capability and conversion rates. The best campaigns begin with well-maintained email lists. Build one and increase the number of subscribers is not an easy task. Feel free to make a use of these pointers.

There are many pieces of advice how to boost email list. In a minute you would get to plenty of blog posts, infographics or even e-books. We have done a little research. You will find an overview of common tips below. It’s a useful amount of marketing knowledge. But we have also something extra. 3 unique ideas how to acquire new subscribers through interactive content marketing.

Let’s start with these fundamentals gathered it in a few bullets:

Pro-Subscribers Optimizations – your website, blog, social media channels, landing pages and even your employees’ signatures should be designed for better leads acquisition. Make a clear site’s structure with catchy opt-in boxes. Visualize your website and posts traffic. Make sure that when your viewer will be ready to share his email, your smart subscribe CTA will be in the right place;

Additional value – create white papers, e-books, webinars, trials, podcasts or give people discounts, free tickets and bonus. Whatever valuable to your customers/prospects and encourage them to pay you by leaving an email address. HubSpot shows how to use it;

grow your email list

Offline Traffic – if you conduct a business in offline, make a use of your direct relationships and ask people about their emails;

Email University – give people some extra courses (not about product, focus on methodology, skills development). Do it via email – for example, create e-learning growth marketing class, including 10 lessons, delivered every 2 days. Offer something additional for sharing email with friends;

Social Proof – use one of the brilliant sentences: ”Join 80 678 best marketers who get our content first. Leave your email below” or “Join 129 980 sales magicians. Get fresh tips straight to your inmail. Become the best seller. Leave your email below”. Make them feel special and united with other professionals, geeks or shopping queens. See how Content Marketing Institute does it below;

build email list with CMI

Slideshare, Quora, Commenter Activity – take advantage of your content popularity. Encourage viewers and readers to reach out to you or to subscribe your newsletter. Promise them a new batch of content. Does anyone comment on your post? Make sure you will receive his email address;

Pop-up – this kind of email acquisition is still pretty popular and useful, but take into consideration that it’s not a beloved one. Use it carefully and sparingly.

All these methods, described above, are absolutely essential when you start building email list. Now let’s find out how to increase it in a new way.

1. Generate email leads through quizzes, polls and surveys

There is a lot of fun to watch the way people play with your quizzes. It’s groovy when your polls go viral and your surveys are fulfilled. Besides customers’ engagement, you deserve to get something more – your users’ email addresses. Ask people nicely about their contacts. Remember to obey a few rules:

• Create a form with a purpose – ask questions which give you a chance to put your future lead in a right context;
• Make users feel comfortable – allow them to focus on quiz, poll or other chosen form first;
• Be the entertainer – make them think about having fun, not taking the survey;
• Promise an extra value – let your leads treat it like an opportunity to gain something more, not as a way of payment.

2. Embed interactive content to your passive articles

Despite great content creation or even better deployment, your lead acquisition doesn’t look impressive. Probably, there is a gap between readers’ interest and their needs to be involved in the buyer’s journey. Your public has to be vivified. You can’t afford to not guide them to become leads.

Create quiz, poll or survey related to the topic of your post and make it more interactive.
Passive content marketing is a kind of leads’ filter. You will only get the hell-bent ones. The others will skip your opt-in boxes. They are just overwhelmed by the myriad of articles, posts and infographics. Interactive content marketing allows you to grab their attention and acquire their emails.

Tip: If you want to grow email list in the way presented below make a use of Engageform. Create a quiz or poll and generate leads!


3. Convert feedback donator into email list prospect

Getting feedback allows you to improve your business. Furthermore, it also gives you a great opportunity to build a propitious relationship with customers. You can take advantage of these connections in a more productive way when the information from customers is enriched by email address.

Create user-friendly forms for feedback sharing. Nor example, if you conduct a grocery try it this way:

  • Are you satisfied with quality and variety of our products?

a) Yes, I love your place

b) Yes, it’s a quite good

c) I’m not sure

d) No, there is a lot of things to improve

  • Which kind of food do you like the most?

a) vegetables

b) fruits

c) fish

d) dairy

e) meal

f) drinks

g) baked stuff

  • Would you receive special offers and discounts straight to your email?

Please leave your email address

Now, you not only know customer opinion about your business but also his preferences and understand how to personalize your communication.

So now you are ready to boost your email lists through interactive content marketing. Before the leads nurturing starts, make sure you will get the most out of it. Engageform is integrated with HubSpot and MailChimp. Both solutions allow marketers accelerate their marketing engines and seize the marketing automation opportunity. Follow these simple tutorials (HubSpot, MailChimp) and try out how it works.

Have you found a new, efficient way to grow your email list? Be that kind to share it with our community in the comments section below!

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