How to Use Interactive Content in Real-Time Marketing

September 5, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Trends

interactive content in real-time marketing

Interactive content allows you to create great real-time marketing campaigns. With quizzes, polls, assessments, and surveys you are able to generate leads in that way. Marketers often need to be entertainers, but also they have to drive sales for their companies. It’s not that difficult to do both at the same time.  

Real-Time marketing is the best way to build a buzz for your brand. I have never met a boss who doesn’t like it. The audience waits for the best campaigns. Bloggers and influencers are ready to share smart stuff. Social media can’t live without them. It’s one of the uncommon moments when we love to share branded content. We like to to be under the impression of someone’s creativity, brilliance and fast made actions. Actually, almost every marketer would love to make others be under the impression of his/her skills.

When We Think About Real-Time Marketing

Following NASA and its different accounts in social media delivers a lot of fun and knowledge. Their Social Ninjas share incredible photos and content. They are not only great in science but also in Real-Time Marketing. They stole the show During 2014 Oscars. Gravity was the big winner with 7 awards but NASA grabbed so much attention by adding incredible pics (one of them below) as answers to Gravity’s wins. Well-related content put in the context.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (yeah, another Royal Baby) was born on 2 May 2015. A lot of brands were ready with their tweets, ads, and videos. We love Pampers’ advert the most. The company that communicates with parents from ages know best how to reach out to them.   A few months ego the whole internet went crazy with one dress. I guess you remember well those thousands of posts and arguments if it’s blue and black or gold and white. Many companies made a use of the #thedress campaign. We like donuts. And Dunkin’ Donuts were great.

These are just a three of many great examples.  Real-Time campaigns, when doing well, drive a lot of good emotions. But costs of in-the-moment conversations can be huge. Companies build special teams, collaborate with agencies and create tons of content which will never be used. Real-Time Marketing comes largely down to being ready if something happens. With already prepared content or with people waiting in the wings.

The Buzz Is Not Enough

Customers loyalty and engagement are valuable assets. With real-time marketing tricks you can send them a quick message:

Your call was right. We are awesome. It’s great to use products and services of such a smart company. Make sure your friends get to know how cool you also are.

Now, not only your customers are aware of your creativity but their friends either. One of the most important advantages of RTM is a free outreach. The best campaigns become viral. But internet community is a demanding spectator. To make some noise you need a lot of hard work and even more luck. As in many areas final results is a tip of the iceberg. With rising budgets, workforce and competition that never sleeps, it would be great to get something more. Preferably, potential prospects.

Yeah, your job is not done yet despite your campaign gets a lot of likes, shares, and comments. It’s the first win, but marketing needs efficiency instead of popularity.

Use Interactive Content in Real-Time Marketing And Gain Leads

Attention span is on the decline. Tons of content and 8 seconds of interest. There is one takeaway. If your real-time campaign is good enough and the audience doesn’t skip it like other stuff, seize your opportunity. Not turning audience engagement into sales funnel would be a waste of further revenue. If you want to get more than PR effect choose forms that allow you to drive sales. It’s not an easy task. Videos, tweets, and memes have limited possibilities to gain leads.

This is why interactive content is so useful. Follow examples below to see how to enrich your real-time marketing strategy with quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments. Leads grabbers are built into these forms and allow you to turn enthusiast into potential customers.


This poll could be simultaneously spread across the web. It is related to entire NASA’s Oscars communications, has gaming element and it’s engaging. What’s important, it is an easy way to gain email addresses with a form at the end. Contests help with building a community around brands or ideas. Easy sharing allows increasing the outreach. When creating a real-time campaign with interactive content, make sure that you will get contacts to all of your buffs.


It’s a great way to grab parents attention – they love to talk about their kids. They search for new ideas, trends, and stuff which help their children. Why to not make their life easier with appropriate suggestions? Take the opportunity to get information through interactive content- you will know how to prepare fitting offers.


It’s a simple example of catching interest and gaining leads through interactive content in 3 steps. Easy, fast, and delicious!

These are just sketches how your real-time marketing could look like. Possibilities of interactive content are limitless. It’s time to end up with doing campaigns just for fun. It costs you too much. When you deliver nice stuff to your audience, make sure that they will pay you back. Let’s acknowledge that their email addresses are good, to begin with.



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