How to Use Interactive Content to Keep Your Blog Fresh

August 1, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation


Interactive content marketing allows you to enrich your content strategy. It gives your blog posts and articles a new look. With quizzes,polls, surveys, and assessments you can build a new kind of user engagement. Furthermore, you are able to fill the gap between content absorbing and becoming a lead.

Content marketing requires new resources all along. Articles, posts, and messages need to be published/sent in line with your content schedule. It’s pretty engrossing when you have to look for ideas, create, edit, publish and promote your work across the web. Therefore, instead of letting your elder blog posts die somewhere on the faraway pages of your archive, you may check them out once again. Maybe some of them are still current and could be valuable for your audience?

Make your content action-oriented

Scroll down your blog wall. I see this smile on your face. It was so much work to do with all these posts, but it was leads-worthy (not always, but  you gained a few). Try to check them again and choose the best ones and these with still valid topics. Do not forget about all these great ideas, which broke your heart due to the lack of readers’ enthusiasm. Now, you have 3 kinds of blog posts:

•    All-Stars
•    Evergreen
•    Unappreciated

When using interactive content, you give your audience another chance to take advantage of them. See how ably you can turn passive blog posts into the interactive ones below. Be sure that you will pull the trigger.

If you think that people read blog the same way they read books, you may be in troubles. It would be an inert kind of blogging. Additional photos would make it a little bit catchier and viewer friendly. But still, it wouldn’t be the action-oriented type of content. No matter how great you are in writing, extra features are a must. All of the posts described above can drive engagement. Focus on your business objectives for a while. Your content is a part of the entire marketing mechanism. Being a stage of the funnel indicate the necessity of moving things forward.

Let’s see how VICE (Spanish version) seize interactive content to make their articles and posts more interesting!

vice blog post

Source: VICE

This post not only looks more eye-catching but also has its extra value – interactive content. It allows to grab attention and sustain audience engagement. Publishers are able to build interactions. The audience is no longer a group of supine viewers, they become active users. Blogging helps with lead nurturing. Buyer’s journey (turning strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers, customers into promoters) is more effective when there is an agile transition between stages.

Gain new leads with elder blog posts

You are equipped with huge posts base. All-Stars, evergreens, and unappreciated ones are ready to be used. Remember that a whole process of giving your blog posts a new life is about your audience. Do not treat it as an easy way to give your content team a break. You have chosen specific posts with a purpose. Follow that idea. Embed interactive content (quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments) to your blog. Bring extra value from already existed, forgotten content. Make a use of readers interest. Turn passive posts into leads grabbers. Interactive content helps especially in the first phase of lead nurturing.

Check out our quiz below:

By adding quizzes, polls, surveys or assessments, you encourage the audience to take a step. You get more than engagement. Your viewers share their email addresses and self-declared data. In this way, your blog posts become an important and active part of the sales funnel.

Make your blog shareable through interactive content

Interactive content gives you another chance to fix mistakes committed during the content deployment process. You can use quiz or poll as an excuse for posting something once again. But now you are able to boost your outreach thanks to knowledge gained through the prior attempts. Increase the deployment with the combination of previous experiences and new tools.

quizzes on Facebook

Source: adweek.com

According to Adweek, quizzes were the most shared content type on Facebook in 2015. It’s a great news for every marketer who is looking for efficient promotion channels. Interactive content and social media are made for each other. Now you can kill two birds with one stone. You have found the best way to promote your blog and also provide engaging content for your social media community.

interactive content for fresh blogging

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