How to become content marketing king with quizzes?

July 13, 2015 // Content Marketing

How do you get better at content marketing? First, you have to do it by your own in a  unique way with sherable content. Second, you have to have great tools. This article will help you with both!

  1. Generate leads.
  2. Convert social traffic to your website.
  3. Get feedback from customers.

If you are working as a content manager those three things are your daily bread and probably you have printed them over the computer screen or oven tattooed. Some of us (I’m also a content manager) are struggling to meet our targets while burning money through ineffective tools and campaigns. Let’s take a look at how my work is done:

Do you know how much time it took me to create such a quiz? Programmer from the desk next to me went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and when he came back I was already starting this paragraph. Are you interested now? Let’s move to more practical use of quizzes. Do you know that the most popular article at NYT website in 2013 was a quiz! Being so let’s imagine that you work for an e-commerce company. You have just realized that it will be pretty hard to generate leads for smartphone sales that you promised. Especially for you I have created a sample of a campaign:

Cats are insanely popular on the internet, right? So why not you use them in the quiz?

People are narcissus, right? So let’s concentrate on their needs. Let them get something to know about themselves, who they are. Readers will have fun during the quiz while being more, and more interested in the content, digging upon the products.

Before the final slide you can ask them to share an e-mail address or a phone number to unveil the outcome.

If you had fun you’re more willing to leave your footprint, especially when you already spent some time working with the quiz and now you’re waiting for an answer.

Life is so much easier for the client if he doesn’t have to read about the product specification and waste time comparing smartphones. He wants simple and quick solution with straightforward answer “you should buy this one, it’ll work the best for you”.

Increase traffic with social media

Since the quiz is taking the responsibility for generating leads we can concentrate on driving more traffic and then converting clickers to buyers at the e-store.

As you probably noticed scrolling your Facebook feed people in the web are extroverts, they have no objections with posting personal info on their boards. With quizzes they can sound off just by clicking on one of the share buttons. Why not to boast of a facts that you’re a fancy cat or really hard working one?

One User’s Experience user will work as an invitation for others to step into the quiz.

Driving traffic to the website is super-easy as well. When one knows which smartphone matches his needs he will be eager to click on the link provided with a special discount. I can think of many similar use cases like travelling for example:

Later on the same way you can create a survey asking for a feedback of the trip that your company organized. Did I mention that:

it’s easy, fast and sexy while you can show your creativity without worrying about the tool.

I hope this article was helpful (no surveys this time). Feel free to contact me anytime at @ FB TT LI

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