How to Use Interactive Content in Progressive Profiling

August 4, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation


Leads profiling has become an essential part of marketer’s duties. Gaining potential prospects is no longer the final goal. It’s part of the process. Interactive content boosts profiling with extra data. Gathered before, during, and after the acquisition. Progressively.

When you ask marketers about their every-day tasks, they will probably list an amount of activities. Creation, social media monitoring, data analyses etc. But when the workday is going to an end, one variable matter. Gained leads. Actually, highly-profiled leads.

Quality is not always in an opposition to quantity

Lead generation is described and often practising in two ways. First one, as a collecting myriad of leads without any guiding plan. Just to gather as many never-going-to-be-your-prospects as it’s only possible. It’s a consequence of defining quantity goals for marketing teams or lead generation agencies. What is their message after all?

Here are your leads and we don’t care how you will turn them into prospects. Our job is done here. Where is our money?

Sounds familiar?

The other way is to receive a list of few leads. These are equipped with unique data. They look great and you know people behind them better than your current customers. Actually, you understand their needs and preferences better than your family members’ thoughts. It would be great if your goal was to gain 15-20 leads a year. But you need to increase your sales. Instant growth is your second name. You can’t afford to such a weak result.

So what’s your choice? Quality or quantity? Maybe it’s time to look for a gold mean? Thanks to interactive content (quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments) you are able to generate leads enriched with self-declared data. Interactive content features redefine lead nurturing. It changes the way brands and potential customers interact. Look at the customer form below. It’s a deal-breaker.

interactive content in progressive profiling

This form is a little bit sarcastic but our purpose was to show how overwhelming it can be. Now, when we see how it shouldn’t be done, let’s focus on the new approach.

Fewer questions more interactions

Building lead profile comes down to gathering data about potential prospect and seize it to humanize marketing communications. Due to the new possibilities of web marketing analytics, marketers are able to capture helpful information about user behaviours. There is pretty easy access to myriads of data gathered in demographics metrics. But marketing is no longer about overall categories. Lead nurturing relies on details. Especially on self-declared needs and preferences.

Customer forms, as it was said before, are the leads killers. When audience attention span lasts less than 8 seconds, it’s hardly possible to imagine viewers fulfilling forms in a few minutes. This is why relationships with leads boil down to micro-moments. It’s kind of never-ending, hidden and dormant conversation. Marketers don’t bother their audience for all the time, they work in the background. Stay ready to ask about lacking facts.

interactive content on the page
Source: www.halomoney.co.id

Progressive profiling needs smart forms. Interactive content tools help with creating non-direct dialogue windows. Quizzes, polls, and surveys can be cleverly embedded into website or post as a part of the ordinary content. Users will share their opinions, grades, and thoughts. Marketers have to make it as easy and intuitive as it’s only possible.

Essential tools for progressive profiling

Progressive profiling needs marketing automation. Start with the system which allows you to build lead profiles and manage customer relationships. Most of the marketing automation platforms practise progressive profiling with their own forms. Some of them argue that it works. Even if their solutions are able to acquire additional data, there is a better way to interact with the audience.

Interactive content tools bring higher quality to progressive profiling. Well-designed quizzes, polls, and surveys provide a large selection of possible contact points. Lacking facts can be obtained through:

picture choice

picture choice in interactive content
open forms

long text interactive content
multiple choice

multiple choice interactive content


ratings for interactive content

Progressive profiling efficiency relies on agile managed marketing mechanism. Lead generation, profiling and nurturing should be conducting in a cohesive way.

Interactive content tools as a part of marketing engine

Interactive content can be applied not only to gain another data. Companies seize it as a lead generator. Learn more how to get leads through quizzes, polls, surveys and assessments in this post.

Check out this quiz below to see how you can easily generate leads through interactive content. Ask a few questions and offer help in exchange for email addresses.

Thanks to marketing platforms integrations, leads and self-declared data gained through interactive content are automatically transferred to preferred CRM. Leads may be better profiled there with data obtained before, during and after the acquisition. You creating new forms on your interactive content tool, but amassing data directly in using marketing engine.

Follow the steps below to see how it works when using Engageform integrated with HubSpot:

interactive content tools for progressive profiling

Progressive profiling is an important part of lead nurturing process. Interactive content makes it effective, user-friendly, and intuitive. Tools integrations could be the solution to the suffering from low-quality leads. Marketing and sales teams need high-value features to increase conversion rates.

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