6 Examples How to Make User-Generated Content Work

September 12, 2016 // Content Marketing / Trends


User-generated content allows you to build customer engagement and turn happy clients into promoters. Social hub is a key to gathering awesome pics, videos, tweets, and posts about your company, products or services. Create your own and drive sales to your e-commerce.

Content marketing budgets are on the rise. Modern marketers build content teams and look for content masters. Inbound marketing is no longer exclusive way of generating new revenue possibilities. It’s a must-have part of every marketing strategy. Hard to do and not that easy to assess but worthwhile. You will be fine with all that challenges of doing content marketing. You have unexpected help. Your customers and user-generated content.


Before you build your own social hub to gather photos, tweets, videos, and posts check out examples below. See how the best marketers take advantage of user-generated content.

Let Your Customers Beat Competitors Up

T-Mobile found an awesome way to needle their rivals. They created an app which allowed people to “send a break-up letter” to their previous carriers. The risky but cool idea to build the competitive edge. Annoyed customers sent over 113K letters, the app reached 2,7MM+ page views. The whole campaign generated over 67MM social impressions.

use user-generated content to beat up your competition
Source: shortyawards.com

Allow User-Generated Content to Promote Your Products

Social media are great to market your products and services. Well-created Facebook or Instagram campaigns help with presenting stuff in natural situations. People are more likely to buy something when they see that someone is wearing, using, or eating it. See how Rhone gathers content from their customers by using a social hub.

promote items through user-generated content

Build Customer Engagement by By Giving Them a Chance to Be Creative

Starbucks conducted a contest for the best cup design. Many of coffee lovers joined the game. Almost 4k projects were sent and published with #whitecupcontest hashtag. Social media went crazy. Great campaign with a few ingredients: gamification element, creativity, easy to apply, and simplicity.

build engagement with user-generated content

Use Customers Passion to Promote Your Values

National Geographic knows that their fans are travelers, wildlife freaks and adventures seekers. They take advantage of their needs to share experiences and stories. Viewers obtained a chance to win National Geographic Photo Expedition to Yosemite National Park in exchange for adding the amazing photo with #wanderlustcontest hashtag. Authentic stories work well to encourage other to travel and interest in the related content.

promote services through user-generated content

Make Customer Feedback Visible

People like to check out other customers reviews when making decisions. It’s one of the most important sources for your business. Be sure that you make a use of gained grades to increase your sales. It could be the best social proof. Look how KIA use Reevoo Car Reviews.

feedback user-generated content

Build Crowdsourcing Platform With User-Generated Content

Threadless is a T-shirt company which gives users a chance to create their own design. Then they collect grades and comments from their community for 7 days. Feedback helps with choosing the most wanted projects. When T-shirts (sometimes pillows and similar stuff) are printed, designers receive money depending on sales. It’s a great way to encourage people to be creative and make UGC part of the product.

user-generated content as a product

There are just a few of many user-generated content purposes. Social hubs allow you to build a new kind of relationship with your audience. The best part is that you can use content received from some of them. It can be an icebreaker, social proof or user input. Follow this post to check out how Missisboss drives sales from Instagram to product sites through a social hub. Create your own social page with Engagehub and take advantage of customers activities.

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