eCommerce: How to Catch Audience Attention When Christmas Is Coming

November 21, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation

eCommerce - how to help people with choosing the best presents

Get customers attention and drive them to your eCommerce through smart features. Help people with expressing their close friends wants. Give them a feeling that what they could do to make others happy, they did.

Not only for eCommerce owners, Christmas is the best part of the year. Family, friends, delicious foods and lasting memories. At last – presents. Getting some, even if unwanted, brings a lot of positive feelings. But, to be honest, for most of us looking for gifts for our loved ones is a nightmare.

Things getting better since almost everything can by found on the internet. Instead of looking around the mall we are able to search for wanted items. The problem is, many potential customers don’t know what to buy for their family and friends. It’s a good news for the eCommerce community.

There is a lot of ads about Christmas sales and special offers. And will be much more – it’s over a month to make sure, that our relatives will be happy. But online sellers too often focus on suggesting items. There is a room for improvement. eCommerce owners can gain a lot in exchange for giving customers tools to overcome problems. Not a ready-made solution.

Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce By Letting Customers Understand Their Loved Ones Needs

When creating a feature that helps your audience with selecting the best gifts for their family and friends you need to take a few factors into account:

  • People will appreciate form that gives them a feeling that they care about their relatives. Suggested products without customer input may cause a sense of not treating someone’s well.
  • It will be easier to someone to decide to purchase something when they will have the belief that it’s the result of their opinion and knowledge about the person they want to gift.
  • You may have some data about the customer, but it is difficult to suggest something they want to buy for others unless they share details.

Building a tool that requires all that factors and can drive traffic to your eCommerce is possible with interactive content. Follow this outcome quiz as a simple example of limitless opportunities. Let’s assume that you run an outdoor eCommerce.

You can create your own quiz, related to chosen suite of products. Make sure that it will be interesting, helpful and well-linked with products in your online shop. A few questions (recommended range 5-7 ) allows your interactive content to suggest something desirable and cool enough.

If you are not an experienced quiz maker, follow the best practices pointed out in this post. Apart from engaging and data-driven  questions, your interactive content should seize the opportunity of already built interest. Studies show that people are more likely to taka actions as a consequence of previous moves. This is why exit links in your quizzes are so efficient.

eCommerce: How to Catch Audience Attention

Simple and action-oriented CTA is the key. You can link it with suggested product on your eCommerce. The easiest way to turn engagement into the purchase decision. It’s also inbound way of marketing. Non-invasive. permission method. You help your potential customers. Tour quiz is the answer to their needs and their relatives needs. Everything depends on their choices. It a strong emotional factor in such a gentle case like buying Christmas gifts for family and friends.

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