9 Best Practices Every Great Quiz Maker Should Know

September 29, 2017 // Content Marketing / Tutorials

best practices for quiz makers

Every quiz maker is aware that interactive content has become one of the most important types of content. Quizzes are effortless to share and first to build engagement. There are more advantages beyond entertaining. Gaining extra value requires obeying a few rules.

Being a quiz maker is no longer about creating funny stuff and spreading it on the web. Actually, it is still about fun and going viral, but it’s a device, not the goal. Quizzes can be used in many ways. Before start creating one decide what you want to receive. And that’s the first rule every quiz maker should take into account.

1. Set Down Your Interactive Content Goals

No matter if you are an experienced quiz maker or not. Before start decide which data and business objectives are essential for you. It will determine questions, types, design and additional content. Here are just a few of the most common purposes:

  • lead generation (this post is a simple guidebook to create lead generating interactive content, and this one a little more advanced when you want to get leads through Facebook Instant Articles),
  • obtaining self-declared data,
  • getting feedback (quizzes are interesting alternatives to passive forms),
  • promoting idea, product, or service,
  • driving sales (it’s easy to link outcome, thank you pages with product pages or your eCommerce),
  • turning visitors into users (quizzes can drive traffic to your website),
  • building a pre-service dialogue with potential customers (quizzes are very helpful to get to known your audience – follow Skin Discovery example).

If you have any ideas how to make a use of interactive content, please share it with our community in the comment section. In this post, even the most experienced quiz maker may find some inspirations.

Follow this quiz below. Here are a few objectives: gaining leads and self-declared data, building dialogue.

2. Make It Attention Grabbing

The welcome screen must be catchy. Even the best questions are not enough when you are not able to make somebody take your interactive content. Your job here starts with understanding your audience. Get to know their preferences, needs, sense of humor, interests etc.
Good one for coaching community:

quiz maker - how to grab attention

People interesting in coaching will not miss a motivational quiz. Especially when Walt Disney gif is challenging them (check out this quiz).

Check out parenting one:

quiz maker - how to make people interested in taking quizzes

And the last example – if you want to do a real-time marketing (click here for more details).

how to make quizzes catchy

3. Choose Appropriate Number And Types of Questions

If it is not your first time as a quiz maker, you probably know that the most important metrics is Completion Rate. Your role is to decide how to gain what you need and, simultaneously, not to make audience bored. Many examples created with Quiz Maker allow us to recommend preparing quizzes with 5-7 questions. Questions types are also important. When deciding which one is most suitable think about your audience, question context, and making it easy to fulfill.

Engageform users can create 4 types of questions:

picture choice

picture choice in interactive content

open forms

long text interactive content

multiple choice

multiple choice interactive content


ratings for interactive content

4. Take a Minute For The Design – Easy Panel For The Quiz Maker Without Design Skills

Engageform is built for every marketer and non-marketers. Design and coding skills are not required. The visual aspect of making quizzes shouldn’t be unappreciated. Our panel gives users many possibilities:

  • over 40 themes,
  • preferred fonts,
  • background photo uploading,
  • blur and brightness adjuster,
  • 4 positioning option (fill, fit, tiled, centered),
  • different background, answer, answer background, and question colours.

how to customize quizzes

5. Make Your Quizzes Mobile Friendly

Making mobile friendly content is a must. An audience spends so much time on smartphones. Make sure that your interactive content looks and works well on any kind of device. Use only tools which allow previewing your quizzes.

Test for the smartphone:

how to make mobile friendly quizzes

And of course the same one for tablet:

how to create quizzes for any device

Do not forget about previewing how it looks on the desktop.

6. Make Your Quizzes Shareable

According to Adweek quizzes are the most shareable type of content on Facebook. Interactive content allows going viral. It’s every marketer dream to create something viral, isn’t it? We know that it’s a difficult and unpredictable topic. Instead of dreaming let’s focus on making all we can do to create easy to share and addictive interactive content. There are two kinds of factors: technical and content.

Technical factors:

    • intuitive sharing buttons – Thank you and Outcome pages should contain social media plug-ins,

how to make shareable quizzes

  • flexible distribution options – make sure your quizzes can be shared through URL link and embed into website/blog.

Content factors: 

  • funny, interesting, provocative, or valuable topics – boring, usual content (even interactive) has no future,
  • gamification – challenge your audience, encourage them to compete,
  • great outcomes – make them feel special and proud – it makes them share their results,
  • current subjects – interactive content can be effectively used in real-time marketing (find out more).

7. Analyse Results And Improve Your Interactive Content

Every quiz maker should take into account that becoming a better interactive content creator comes down to analytics and drawing conclusions. This is why choosing a tool with good analytics options is so important. Here are essential metrics you need to know:

  • how many times were taken,
  • average time spent on form,
  • completion rate.

how to make a better quizzes Deepen analysis allows refusing weak questions, uprating bottlenecks, and getting to know audience preferences.

8. Make a Use of Audio, Gifs, And Video Content in Your Quizzes

Interactive content is a great feature to bring a new quality to a passive website, posts, and blogs. Step by step it becomes even more dynamic. Now you can enrich your quizzes with videos, gifs, and audio content. Here is a precise guidebook. Follow the steps and you will learn how to add every type of content to your forms. Check out this quiz below. Gifs are very popular ways to comment many situations. Quizzes looks more interesting with them.

9. Integrate Interactive Content With Marketing Automation or Email Marketing Platforms

Interactive content can be easily integrated with marketing automation and email marketing platforms. Check out how you can take advantage of leads and data gained through our quiz maker when using one of the leading platforms:

Marketing automation is a key solution to many marketers. Interactive content helps to fill missing links in this ecosystem.

Theses are essential rules every quiz maker should know. Possibilities of interactive content seem limitless. For sure it is not the end of the developing process. Both – audience and brands need new ideas in communications,

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