How to Add Interactive Content to Facebook Instant Articles and Generate Leads

August 10, 2016 // Content Marketing / Lead Generation / Trends / Tutorials


Monetize your Instant Articles. Take advantage of created content. Learn how to implement interactive content into your posts. Build well-designed quizzes and polls for Instant Articles. Generate leads and drive sales. 

Instant Articles are one of the most important marketing trends in last months. If you haven’t set up your own FIA yet, follow this handbook to do that. Many of publishers and brands were afraid of that changed. Now, after tons of articles about its pros and cons, it’s time to focus on monetizing. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t check how to do that with interactive content.

Basic Advertising Opportunities for Non-Interactive Marketers

Facebook realized that marketers were feared of Instant Articles. To make them eager to the new way of content delivery, the social network has built useful advertising opportunities. Publishers own 100% rights to the revenue from native ads in their articles. When selling ads through Facebook’s Audience Network they share only 30% of the revenue with Facebook. Follow the Facebook’s guide to learn about Instant Articles advertising specifications.

native ads in instant articles

In the next step, Facebook has added video ads possibility to Instant Articles. That gives publishers a chance to enrich their content in pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads videos. Videos implemented into Instant Articles look amazing and drive a new kind of experience.

Even though, there occur many discussions if native ads are profitable enough to reward publishers consequences of putting Instant Articles into practice. Facebook new solution has changed the traditional manner of using social media by publishers and brands. With articles displayed without moving to publisher’s website, content creators lose potential views from mobiles.

Therefore, to reinforce advantages of revenue from Instant Articles content providers need to look for another marketing solutions. This is why every Instant Articles writer should take into account possibilities of implementing interactive content into articles. This allows marketers to generate leads through quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments.

generate leads through instant articles

Embed Interactive Content into Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles provide many topics to discuss. Marketers and publisher are divided into well-wishers and opponents of new solutions. No matter what do you actually think about FIA, it’s hardly possible to not like it from the visual point. Great design, intuitive, and fast screening. Additionally, you can easily add visual content:

        • slideshows,
        • interactive maps,
        • geotagged media,
        • likes and comments on media,
        • content from social networks,
        • videos,
        • gifs,
        • interactive content (quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments).


IF you want to enrich your Instant Articles in an interactive content, like this one quiz above, add this HTML5 element of the code shown below.

<figure class="op-interactive" >
 <iframe class="no-margin" src="https://4screens.net/e/5760585081b81701000561e7"<br>
   width="400" height="650"></iframe>

Now, when you are ready to add interactive content to your Instant Articles, it’s time for the next step. Engagement and entertainment are important parts of making interactive forms. But quiz makers often look beyond these purposes. Marketers need leads and extra data, which can be used during converting potential prospects into customers.

Generate Leads Through Instant Articles

Interactive content is known as an efficient lead grabber, providing that has an email box implemented to the list of questions. Make sure that you see all possibilities of leads acquisition when using Engageform. Here is a useful guidebook about leads generation through interactive content.

Quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments look great in Instant Articles. Readers can easily take part in  the game. Interactive content should be related to the topic of the article. Then users treat them as natural parts of the post. It is the easiest way to get self-declared data and email addresses. Without living Instant Articles.

get self-declared data

Interactive content can be also used to keep content fresh and make articles easier to read. Advantages are mutual. Relationships between publishers and audience have new touching points. It helps with building pillars of the further nurturing. Look at the picture below. Leaving email is intuitive and effortless.

generate leads through interactive content in instant articles

Instant Articles are still a young Facebook’s kid. Its possibilities and features will be developed, just like many solutions before. This is why users feedback is so important. Native ads and interactive content show that the social network is opened to users needs and opinions. Social platforms don’t create their own content. They think not only about readers comfort. They need to find a compromise, that makes publishing content trough social media worthwhile.

Leads generation through Instant Articles is an extra value for publishers and brands. It’s a kind of compensation for all that potential traffic, which could have been driven to the website. Thanks to Engageform, quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments are mobile-friendly. Great design helps a lot with making email addresses acquisition more efficient. When you decide to take advantages of Instant Articles, make sure that you seize every opportunity to get a new value and generate leads.


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