Increasing eCommerce Sales – How to Overcome Common Marketing Challenges When Running eStore – FAQ

October 19, 2016 // Content Marketing

how to drive sales to your eCommerce

Running the eCommerce business requires lifelong learning mindset. When solving one problem another two appear. Customers challenge buyers in many ways. Save your time with these few impressive solutions and gain the competitive edge.

eCommerce community is open to the innovation. Actually, the biggest players have a huge influence on the overall online trends. The rest ones – these all without enormous R+D budgets, numerous marketing teams, and unlimited A/B testing opportunities rely on the smartest ideas. Follow the list of proven ways. Drive extra traffic and boost sales.

# How to Drive Traffic From Social Media to My eCommerce?

Social media engagement is too valuable to not turn it into something more consistent. It’s also not that easy to gain. As a marketer, especially eCommerce marketer, you should include in your overall strategy how to forward that traffic. The basic way is to link your social media channels with exact sites.

Users don’t want to double search. Once gained interest should be redirected to the preferred places. Smart linking excludes time for considerations, talking with more prudential part of us, and chances to lose interest.

When linking from Facebook and Twitter works well, Instagram is challenging all marketers. Links can be added only in the account bio. This is why social media widgets are made for Instagram. Make sure that users from Instagram will be redirected to the social hub. Another click and they will be in the buying section.

how to drive traffic to eCommerce

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# How to Make Products Descriptions More Engaging?

If you are not a copywriter give your customers a chance. The more stuff to sell the more difficult to be unrepeatable. Your clients have different points of view and probably will be writing about one or a few items instead of the whole suite of products.

What makes their copies powerful – they know why they’ve chosen specific things (you, in the best case, know why you want to sell it) or even better – they want to convince themselves and others that they know. It makes them great advocates.

When creating a social media widget you can decide if you want to show descriptions of gathered posts, Tweets, and pictures. Choose this option and allow your customers speak.

how to make great products descriptions

You can add even 12 connections (for Engagehub Pro) from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Users and hashtags – it’s up to you. Decline inappropriate ones and choose the most persuasive. Popular brands may be sure their fans creativity. If you are the smaller one, encourage them with some contest or promotion with hashtags campaigns.

# How to Catch Users Attention?

The attention economy is ferocious. There were a lot of articles about that after amazing insight from Microsoft’s study – our attention span is less than a goldfish and last 8 seconds. So, catching and sustaining someone interest may be difficult even if you selling awesome stuff.

When it becomes harder to reach out to your audience, you should find the unexpected solutions. You already know that passive content wouldn’t work. Banner blindness rules out display ads. You need features that bring some fun, entertainment, and engagement.

This quiz is the best example of gaining attention when running a fashion eCommerce. Its advantage comes down to:

  • catchy Welcome Page – gif of nice-looking guy who calls you “Handsome” – who doesn’t like it? (find out more how to add gifs, videos, and audio content to quizzes);
  • interesting topic – who doesn’t want to know how to dress?;
  • diverse questions – sustain engagement;
  • smart outcomes – people love compliments, it’s also the best way to make quizzes shareable – everyone wants to show friends how cool, elegant or swaggy he/she is, and of course the easiest way to point at the preferred suite of items;
  • gaining leads and self-declared data – interactive content allows getting a lot of knowledge about customers and lead grabbing forms give a chance to turn users into prospects.

Avon shows how to go even further by linking outcomes with eCommerce through CTA.

interactive content drives sales to eCommerce

# What Are Must-Have Elements of The eCommerce Marketing Strategy?

Building the marketing strategy is different for every type of eCommerce. However, there are a few best practices which are well-seen to be used. Firstly, strategy should have 5 main stages and components:

  • Planning – research, benchmark, setting goals, creating buyers persona, choosing channels;
  • Creation – preparing content for every channel, determining KPIs, assigning people to tasks or choosing outsources (agencies, freelancers), setting schedules;
  • Implementation – follow schedules;
  • Measurement – all channels, activities, and KPIs should be verified;
  • Evaluation – what works well should be continued, poor ideas should be rejected or updated.

Secondly, learning is the key here. The situation is dynamic and day by day you will need new solutions. Marketing strategy needs to be determined, but the best marketers are flexible when it’s necessary.

# How to Gain The Social Proof?

Social proof is one of the most valuable assets you can gain and turn into a competitive edge. Not gathering customers voice would be a waste of potential revenue. It’s a known psychological and business fact that people are more likely to believe other users/clients than sellers. Reviews, posts, Tweets, or photos are the most convincing ambassadors.

The best part of creating a place for collecting social proofs is that you already know how to do that. It was well-described in a previous question  #How to Make Products Descriptions More Engaging? Social media widgets have multiple purposes. Your social hub may be used to give social proof and to deliver interesting description in the same time.

the social proof for eCommerce

When not decide if you want to buy something – is there any better suggestion than a picture of a person using it? And warm comment? Make sure that your delighted customers will convince all these potential ones.

# How to Collect Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is an important part of customer services, product/service development, or even entire communications. Your audience may give you many answers which make your planning and sales more efficient. Providing that you will find the way to make them share they thoughts and needs.

Passive, multi-question forms are not the right way to do it. You need a tool which allows selecting different types of questions, adding various content (videos, gifs, audio) and has well-developed customization panel. Watch this tutorial video below. It shows how to create a simple survey.

Getting feedback is only a part of the process. Next steps come down to drown conclusions and make progress.

When running an eCommerce you need the newest tools to compete. Interactive content brings smart solutions to overcome always current challenges. Engagehub and Engageform are the efficient ones when you need to link social media channels with your website, drive traffic and sales, make products descriptions more engaging, obtain the social proof, catch audience attention, and get feedback.

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